This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Harold Burton was the head of a family oil company, and secretly one of the executives for BEAGLE. He was killed a month prior to the Lobito Island Incident by No. 16, by her brainwashing his bodyguards.


Harold Burton was the head of a large oil company. He also was an executive for BEAGLE, and thus was responsible for the Ritual of Conjuration to create the true Neoteny, eventually resulting in No. 16 seemingly becoming it. No. 16, by that time going by the name Alice Hazel, eventually tracked him down, and exacted revenge on Burton for his role in forcing her into the Ritual of Conjuration by brainwashing his four bodyguards via ACUA and then murdering him in his sleep by cutting him to shreds, his being naked at the time save for wearing a NEKAL cap. In order to cover up her involvement in the murder, Alice tracked down the four bodyguards for the FBI, who had died by that time.

A month later, Alice would later admit to her role and motives in killing Burton to Roger McCoy, Solid Snake, and Teliko Friedman shortly after William L. Flemming's death.

Behind the scenes

Harold Burton is a character in Metal Gear Acid. He is never seen in-game due to his death a month prior to the game's events, but he is a major character due to it being part of the main antagonist Alice Hazel's backstory.