Snake riding a horse

Ocelot and Venom Snake ride a horse at nighttime in 1984.

A horse is one of two extant subspecies of the odd-toed ungulate mammal species of Equus ferus. They are domesticated animals that function as steeds or as pulls for transports. Male horses are known as stallions (or geldings, if castrated), while female horses are known as mares. A notable breed of horse is the Andalusian.


Operation Snake Eater

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The Boss kept an Andalusian during her time in Tselinoyarsk during the events of Operation Snake Eater. The FOX agent Naked Snake encountered the horse shortly after his night-time infiltration into Dremuchij near the wreck. After Snake was humiliated by The Boss via CQC, the horse proceeded to, while rearing, step on Snake's hand, injuring it. The Andalusian proceeded to accompany The Boss up until her death at Rokovoj Bereg, where it briefly mourned for her before escaping from the bombing run she set earlier.

Post-Snake Eater

The horse eventually found its way to a British horse market, where Strangelove found it. However, she wasn't able to actually verify if the horse belonged to The Boss due to it refusing to let her ride it, nearly killing her as well.

Peace Walker Incident

Main article: Peace Walker Incident

She eventually discovered it was when the horse reacted to Snake, rechristened by that point Big Boss's presence a decade after Operation Snake Eater in Costa Rica while the latter infiltrated the AI lab. The horse accompanied Snake to the Mine Base, and later proceeded to give chase to Peace Walker, who was modeled after its former owner. However, it was critically injured from the fall from the Nicaraguan border, resulting in Big Boss shooting the horse to euthanize it.

The Phantom Pain

In 1984, the Soviets utilized horses during their invasion of Afghanistan. Ocelot and Venom Snake, the latter having recently awaken from a nine-year coma, utilized horses to arrive at the region of Afghanistan where Kazuhira Miller was being held, with their riding a brown and white horse, respectively. The latter horse was known as D-Horse. The Man on Fire also utilized a severely burned horse for his activities during 1984.

Behind the scenes

Horses first appeared in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in the form of The Boss's Andalusian, which returned in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Horses as interactive characters appears in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In it, the player can call the horse over via whistling, as well as hide behind the horse while riding it in order to avoid detection by soldiers. If the player waits a while, the horse will occasionally defecate. The Gamescom 2014 demo revealed that the player could also have the horse defecate on command, which would result in any oncoming vehicles upon making contact with the poop spurring out of control and disorienting the guards after it screeches to a halt. The TGS 2014 demo confirmed that the player could Fulton the horse back to Mother Base if it was not needed for the mission.

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