Human Slingshot.

The Human Slingshot was a weapon developed and used by the Militaires Sans Frontières. It was a weapon with enough power to launch even a brawny, 200-pound soldier a considerable distance, and at a high enough velocity to heavily damage various vehicles upon impact. In addition, it released fireworks after the soldier in question was launched into the target, also glowing when being launched. Its main components were sling posts and a sling band, and was primarily developed for use in CO-OPs, although the sling post can also be used as a good substitute for a baseball bat or a club if used in a solo op.

The weapon was composed of two poles, each of which will be much taller than the people carrying them. They were connected by a very elastic rubber band with a stretching capability of 15 meters, with Miller comparing the overall weapon to a volleyball net. When stretched out with a soldier acting as ammo, the overall shape of the slingshot resembled the human "peace" hand signal/"V of Victory" hand signal.

The MSF developed this weapon at the suggestion of the R&D Team, with Miller explaining it was a four-man weapon that has two soldiers holding the poles, a third gripping to the band connecting the poles, and the four will act as ammo, with the soldier also releasing fireworks upon impact with the target. However, the report didn't indicate what will happen to the soldier once he was launched, which resulted in Big Boss, after Miller reported the plans, deciding to use him as subject D, with Miller presumably surviving the launch.

Behind the scenes

In Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, if the player contacts Sigint (should he have been recruited) while playing as someone other than Naked Snake, Sigint will list a few projects that ARPA was undergoing at the time of the San Hieronymo Incident. One of the projects was a human cannon for special forces agents to use to get to the roof of a building that was similar to the functions of the Human Slingshot, although the soldiers dismiss that project as being stupid.

The Human Slingshot was the subject of the radio drama "Snake and Kaz (Ultimate Combined Weapon)" in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Heiwa to Kazuhira no Blues, where Kazuhira Miller reveals that the R&D Team came up with the idea and explained how it works. Snake then proceeded to use Miller as "subject D".


The weapon is unlockable and upgradable by upon procuring a Tigrex fang as well as various levels of Gear REX's acidic mucous, of which the latter ingredient required a lot of distilling before it could enhance the sling band to its maximum potential.

If the player uses the Sling Post as a club against enemies, Kazuhira Miller will call stating with shock that that wasn't what the sling post was supposed to be used for.

In-game descriptions

"One of the structural elements of the human slingshot, the ultimate CO-OP weapon. With enough mechanical strength to withstand the rigors of the giant rubber band that comes with it, it can also makes a fine club for beating down the enemy."
―Human Slingshot Post weapons description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
"One of the structural elements of the human slingshot, the ultimate CO-OP weapon. The rubber ban is incredibly powerful and can launch a brawny, 200-pound soldier a considerable distance.
The power of the launch depends on how rapidly the button is tapped. Players with weak thumbs may want to practice their button mashing skills before attempting to use this weapon.
―Human Slingshot Band weapons description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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