Raven Sword Humvee.jpg

A Humvee used by the Raven Sword PMC in Eastern Europe, 2014.

The Humvee, officially designated by the U.S. military as the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) is an American designed military 4x4 vehicle designed for multi-purpose use. It has proven to be highly successful and can be found in dozens of variations in armies worldwide. It has also spawned a civilian version, called the Hummer.


The Humvee features independent suspensions for high ground clearance, and has an axially delivered central tire inflation system. It also features disk brakes on all four wheels, plus 4-wheel double wishbone suspension; these are mounted near the differentials to protect the brake lines. As stated above, there are many variants of the Humvee, some of these include the M220 TOW missile carrier, M1097 Avenger air-defense vehicle, and the M1025 / M1043-44 armament carriers. Basic Humvees can be fitted with various armament, such as the M2 12.7mm heavy machinegun. In recent conflicts, Humvees have shown to be vulnerable in frontline combat situations; as shown by operations in Iraq and Afghanistan; as a result of this, the military has developed and deployed more heavily armored Humvees (such as the M1114 up-armored Humvee) to combat zones in these theatres. These Humvees have proven to be far more survivable then their basic counterparts.

Guns of the Patriots Incident

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PMC Humvee -2 by L1QU1D 5N4KE 22.jpg

A Humvee, deployed by the PMC Raven Sword.

Humvees were operated by the private military company Raven Sword for patrol purposes in Eastern Europe, 2014. At least five were also used by U.S. military forces during that time, in their attempt to capture Liquid Ocelot. The Humvees were all armed with M2HB .50 caliber machineguns.

Behind the scenes

Humvees appear in Act 3 of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Concept artwork released by Yoji Shinkawa indicated that Humvees were also to have appeared in Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

During the Peace Walker World Tour 2010, a yellow-colored Humvee was put on display during the event in Taiwan, as part of a promotion for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

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