"I'm My Own Master Now" is the boss theme for Blade Wolf in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

The lyrics talk about a chained wolf who is forced into battle and yearns for freedom.

The theme has two variations: a vocal solo version (titled by fans "Spirit of the Blade" or "Passing on the Torch") and an acoustic flamenco guitar introduction:

First, in the final match against Armstrong, Blade Wolf appears above the destroyed Excelsus and gives Murasama (Sam's katana) to Raiden, then sounds a solo with vocals "Uoooh... Oooh..." from the original chorus, but without music, only voice. This voice also appears few times in some cutscenes into Blade Wolf DLC.
Second, the acoustic extension of +26 seconds accompanied by a battery was employed as introduction in two LQ-84i battles. With Raiden, starts after Blade Wolf says the line "I'm here to kill you", and in "Jetstream Sam DLC" under the sewers after he says "For... myself?". None of them have been officially released as track. The instrumental version of the theme also appears as the LQ-84i's action theme when raising an alert during the Abkhazia portion of the Blade Wolf DLC.


Into a pack
There’s no choice
But take orders to attack

Locked up in chains
I get fed
But the hunger still remains

Not content to live this way
Being led by the blind
Got to plan my dispersal
Time to leave them all behind

Breaking out of my pain
Nothing ventured – nothing gained
I’m my own master now

Bear the mark of my scars
Shedding blood underneath the stars
But I will survive somehow


Hear me howl

Time to leave them all behind
I’m my own master now

Official lyrics from Platinum Games

Credits and original composition

Written by: Jamie Christopherson
Lyrics by: Jamie Christopherson
Produced & Mixed by: Jamie Christopherson
Remixed by: Akira Takizawa
Vocals: Graeme Cornies
Guitars: Johnny Death, Aaron Kaplan & Graeme Cornies
Drums: Ralph Alexander
Programming: Jamie Christopherson

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