On August 24, 1964, an instructor was onboard the MC-130E Combat Talon used by FOX for Jack's infiltration of Tselinoyarsk via HALO jump during the Virtuous Mission. The instructor counted down for the depressurization sequence, although he noticed Jack savoring his cigar rather than actually preparing for depressurization by putting on his mask. He complained irritably about whether Jack knew what he was doing while derisively referring to him as a "pantywaist" before presumably reporting the incident to Major Zero, who proceeded to tell Jack off. After the depressurization had been completed, the instructor continued counting down to indicate the right moment for Jack's HALO jump.

Behind the scenes

The instructor is a character briefly seen in the opening cutscene for the Virtuous Mission in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. According to Hideo Kojima's commentary for the game, it was intended that the instructor have different lines of dialogue depending on which MGS-game the player had selected in the "I like"-screen. This idea was ultimately cut due to a lack of disc-space. Had the player chosen "I'm new to the MGS-series" or "I like MGS1", the instructor would have said "…あの男、素人か? (...That man, is he an amateur?"?) Had the player chosen "I like MGS2", the instructor would have said "…あの優男、素人か? (That gentle man, is he an amateur?"?) [1]


Notes and references

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