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The Intel Team was one of the units for both the Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF) and the Diamond Dogs.

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Militaires Sans Frontières

The Intel Team was one of five units of the Militaires Sans Frontières. It was brainstormed by Kazuhira Miller shortly after Sandinista child soldier Chico was rescued in Aldea de los Despiertos, Costa Rica.[1] The unit was responsible for gathering intelligence for MSF in regards to enemy activity, which involved investigating conflict regions, strongholds, and high-threat installations among other places of interest. They also offered support from Mother Base for MSF soldiers on field missions.

The Intel Team's investigations covered force strength, logistics, supply routes, planned operations and their feasibility, the chain of command at the location, and behavioral patterns at the target site, which included even the faces and family members of various personnel. Upon gaining this information, it was then dispatched to Mother Base in a report which was then used for planning infiltration missions. Depending on the developing situation, contract work could also be assigned to Intel Team agents. Intel Team agents generally infiltrate the target location alone, although they would call in choppers for emergency extraction if necessary.[2] The Intel Team also often worked with the R&D Team to develop various radar equipment for MSF, and could also deliver supplies to allied mercenary units, as well as delivering supplies and fire support to any operatives on the field.

Warning: The following events occur in the pseudo-historical Side Ops in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes; its level of canonicity is ambiguous.

On December 7, 1974 at 05:31, an MSF Intel Unit Member known as Hideo requested extraction from his current location. Because of this, Big Boss had to personally infiltrate the location and ensure the agent's escape.

At some point later, Miller secretly sent an Intel Team agent to investigate the base in an attempt to gain a lead on Cipher's involvement, having suspected them of creating the black site, although this resulted in his capture and torture under Skull Face as well as representatives of various intelligence groups, including the MI6, the BND, the ISI, and at least one Soviet intelligence officer. He was later rescued by Big Boss on January 9, 1975.

Side Ops information ends here.

After Chico disappeared in Cuba, the Intel Team was charged with locating him, eventually finding him at the prison camp alongside Paz Ortega Andrade (which corroborated Chico's earlier SOS transmission to MSF).

Diamond Dogs

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain may follow.

Like its predecessor, the Diamond Dogs also had an Intel Team (which was at least once also referred to as the Intel Unit). The unit was formed partially in response to the encounter with Skull Face during the Honey Bee incident.[3][4] It specialized in information gathering via both HUMINT and SIGINT styles. It operated by sending agents onto the field and interacting with the locals, either by operating directly on the field as scouts, or otherwise by acting as moles, sometimes disguising themselves as either residents or travelers and ask for information. They also observed targets via hidden bugs, cameras, and transmitters, as well as tapping into satellite and phone communications used by the targets. All of these aspects gave them intel on specific actions the enemy was going to undergo as well as supplying an overall picture of how the war was going, PFs changing during the war, and seeing if there were any jobs available, as well as determining threat assessment and whether to accept contracts from certain clients.[3]

They also, during missions, kept track of target locations and produced FOM predictions as well as reporting mission-critical information based on real time remote observations in the current area of operations, with it being relayed to the Mother Base's Command Platform to be interpreted. However, a downside was that, due to their undercover work, the operatives were not allowed to carry weapons during their duties, or at best only carry a knife meaning they couldn't directly support Venom Snake at their side, especially against heavily-armed adversaries like PF soldiers. This was in order to ensure they didn't expose themselves to the enemy, and if they were found by Venom Snake, they would be reprimanded.[3]

Aside from information gathering and scouting, they also are capable of conducting plant surveying in the area of operations, forecasting weather changes via the weather, cryptanalysis, and providing aid to various Security Teams to the FOB. Also like MSF, it also helped in the development of various weapons and equipment for Diamond Dogs. Unlike MSF, however, it didn't actually aid in delivering supplies, which was instead relegated to the Support Unit.

The Intel Team proceeded to locate the shipment for Walker Gears as well as a convoy containing the payment for SANR, the "company" officially responsible for supplying the weaponry, also discovering that a convoy route was being used frequently.[5]

At some point, two Intel Team members that had been undercover within the Contract Forces of Africa ended up captured by the PF as well as interrogated[6] due to the latter party suspecting Diamond Dogs for deliberately causing an epidemic among their own.[7] One of them was severely tortured enough that he could not escape on his own, while the other managed to escape his cell and made an SOS transmission to Diamond Dogs, also leaving behind his transceiver as a clue to Venom Snake as to where he was headed. The latter, upon being rescued, revealed that not only did he not give in to the interrogation, but he even managed to procure intel about them by "swallowing" it,[8] with Miller upon his being brought back to Mother Base proceeding to request that the agent get a raise for his retrieving the intel on the CFA, as well as providing evidence to where the other team member was located.[9] The former's injuries required Venom Snake to extract him directly via chopper instead of using the Fulton.

After infiltrating the Devil's House, the Intel Team proceeded to analyze the (comparatively) little amount of recordings they could hear from various tape recorders that had an acoustic tube shoved into several patients throats that Venom Snake discovered, having recorded the entire thing via Snake's radio earlier due to anticipating the possibility of it being destroyed. They uncovered that the recordings included a report on three deaths on the autoroute near Marseille, protests outside the Libyan embassy in London, a press conference with the former Prime Minister of Sweden, a then-four-month old weather forecast for Balikpapan, various commercials for appliances, cough syrup, and TV dinners, a speech that sounded like it was recorded out on the street, and people chatting about how well 1984's tomato crop did, with most of them coming across as having come from average public broadcasts via TV signals and the radio, as well as it being recorded in various languages (including French, German, Italian, Spanish [both Castellian and South American accents], Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Portugese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese) except for English, which they assumed at the time that they might have simply missed due to the static for the more distant recordings as well as the possibility of the recordings having a program that changes by the day. They were only partway through the cryptanalysis (which included checking all audio ranges, and running it backwards and at different speeds, and vocabulary breakdown for political suggestions and ideological common points) when Miller gave the Intel Team's report on their progress to Venom Snake in the aftermath, mostly that they couldn't find anything that tied them together.[10][11]

The Intel Team was later tasked with trying to find any leads to a cure for the vocal cord parasite outbreak at Mother Base. However, a few of them were captured by Zero Risk Security, and one ended up escaping only to be captured by Rogue Coyote, although not before sending an SOS signal to Diamond Dogs,[12] also making clear that he has a solid lead regarding the epidemic. Miller, upon getting the SOS signal, then told Venom Snake that they got a response from one of the Intel Team members before planning a mission to rescue the agent.[13] The one captured by Rogue Coyote ultimately managed to survive thanks to Snake's efforts[14] as well as supply a clue on how to find the cure,[15] although the remaining two held by Zero Risk Security were ultimately killed and placed inside a mass grave, with Diamond Dogs discovering their bodies around the time they extracted a defecting XOF scientist responsible for the parasites development, Code Talker.[16]

After some of the child soldiers escaped, the Intel Team had been dispatched to find them, with Miller suspecting their sudden departure had something to do with the then-recent death of Ralph.[17]

Spoilers end here.

Known members

Militaires Sans Frontières
Warning: The following events occur in the pseudo-historical Side Ops in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes; its level of canonicity is ambiguous.
Side Ops information ends here.
Diamond Dogs


Notes and references

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    This radio conversation is supplied upon retrieving the first Intel Agent.
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