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This article is a list of responses given by non-player characters during interrogation by the player character, as featured in various games in the Metal Gear series.

List of interrogation responses in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater



  • "When you walk on moist soil... Your footprints will..."
  • "In the jungle... Ammunition is valuable"
  • "The crocodiles... are ferocious..."
  • "Crocodiles taste great"
  • "Throw a grenade into a crocodile's mouth"
  • "In the water, the crocodiles are tough..."
  • "Watch out for hornets"
  • "There's a hornets nest around here"
  • "I shot down a hornet's nest around here..."
  • "Hornets... They're terrifying"
  • "The north crevice... so many hornets"
  • "Dogs.. can't stand crocodiles..."
  • "What dogs really like... is animal meat"
  • "Dogs will pick up your trail... by smell"


  • "On the mountains... chocolate chip camouflage would be effective"
  • "On the mountains... rations are... hard to come by"
  • "Vultures... They feed on human remains. When you eat a vulture that has fed on a body..."
  • "Scorpions... they have lethal poison"
  • "If you get stung by a scorpion... use serum"

All areas

  • "Shooting Kerotan will..."
  • "Up ahead... Our numbers are strong..."
  • "Plants... Last a long time..."
  • "Fish... rots quickly..."
  • "Meat... tastes good... but rots soon"
  • "Fruit... is easy to get"
  • "Eat rotten food... stomach ache"
  • "Rations... don't go bad"
  • "Under the bed..."
  • "If the provisions storehouse is destroyed..."
  • "If you destroy the armory..."
  • "The armory... can be destroyed with TNT"
  • "In the provisions storehouse... there’s some good eats... a bunch!"
  • "In the darkness... If you light a cigar"



  • "If you climb trees, there's fruit"
  • "Inside fallen trees..."
  • "At night, poisonous animals will..."
  • "In the south, the bottomless swamp..."


  • "If you fall off the rope bridge... you’re finished..."
  • "Under the rope bridge... Flatten yourself against the cliff wall, and proceed"


  • "We've got some guys in the grass"
  • "There are snipers up high.."
  • "In the swamp... Traps"
  • "Beyond the Swamp, there are mines"

Bolshaya Past South

  • "There are lots of traps around here..."
  • "Beyond the Swamp, there are mines"
  • "Watch your feet..."

Bolshaya Past Base

  • "The northeastern gun emplacement... Use the trenches."

Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch

  • "In caves... Torches"

Ponizovje Warehouse Exterior

  • "Get into the warehouse... from the stairs on the right."

Ponizovje Warehouse Interior

  • "A little further ahead, the forest... is deadly"

Graniny Gorki Lab:

  • The lab... it has two floors above ground... and one below"
  • "The chief's room... it's underground"
  • "If you're hungry... maybe you should try the second floor On the Second Floor... There’s some rations"
  • "If you can get down the northeast stairs... you'll find the jail"
  • "How about going to the toilet... relaxing a bit?"
  • "The open ceiling 2nd floor... hang..."
  • "Trying to Escape... You'll get put in an isolation cell"
  • "From the courtyard... you can jump down to the first floor"

Graniny Gorki Lab: Outside walls

  • "This facility... It used to be a cell" (The accurate translation is "This facility... It used to be a prison)
  • "To open the door, you could call over someone with a key Soldiers with key... They should be just inside the door. To call a key holding soldier over, the CQC can be used to knock"
  • "Hidden by Grass... A hole in the wall"

Graniny Gorki Lab: Inside walls

  • "To the northeast... In the armory... There’s some ammo..."
  • "Under the truck... There’s some ammo..."
  • "From the Balcony... you can get out"

Graniny Gorki Lab: B1 East

  • "In this area, there is LIFE Medicine"
  • "The isolation cell guard... What an idiot"

Graniny Gorki Lab: B1 West

  • "The lab chief's room... is the furthest back"

Syvatogornyj East

  • "If you climb the tree behind the hut..."
  • "TNT, under the bed"
  • "A good sniping point... Up from the cliffs"

Syvatogornyj West

  • "Watch your feet... this area has traps"
  • "If you travel along the east wall"
  • "I don't know much about what’s north of here... It's out of my jurisdiction"


  • "Snipers are hanging out up high"
  • "Snipers like the grass"
  • "This place... gets a lot of rain"

Sokrovenno South

  • "To the west... an armory"

Krasnogorje Mountainside

  • "Inside the bunker... an item"
  • "The provisions storehouse... on the roof"

Krasnogorje Mountaintop

  • "In the air raid shelter... a way out"
  • "Getting into the underground shelter, without a key..."

Groznyj Grad

  • "This area is huge"
  • "The armory... northwest"
  • "In the back of the armored truck"
  • "If you travel along the ditch..."
  • "Using the ducts... you can move safely"
  • "The Cell... to the east"
  • "The Provisions storehouse... Northeast"
  • "To the weapons lab main wing, they're a truck carry goods"

Specific characters


  • "We won't hand over Sokolov!"


  • "The Major He's looking for you"
  • "Major, He'll have his revenge"
  • "The Major would never lose to you!"
  • "That time... if only those hornets hadn't come"
  • "The Ocelot Commander... He likes quick draw gun duels..
  • "The north crevice... so many hornets"
  • "His revolver... reloading can be..."
  • "The Ocelot commander... He takes good care of his hat"

The Fear

  • "The fear... comes to eat... even spoiled and rotten food"


Flying Platforms

  • "Directly under the flying platform... Is it's blind spot"
  • "The flying platform's weakness... is its engine."
  • "The flying platform searchlights can be broken"


  • "A lot of us, we can’t swim."
  • "If our Radios are taken out... Our Contact Will..."
  • "The Others... If you want to learn more, take a look at the Survival Viewer Map For details... Look at the Survival Viewer Map"
  • "After taking us out... leaving us alone will..."
  • "There are guys who know alert cancellation frequencies"
  • "Listening to the radio can be relaxing..."
  • "If our radio man is taken out... Contact will be..."
  • "One punch... to the groin"
  • "If right hand gets shot.. the gun"
  • "Even threatening... won't show their dog tags"


  • "The Scientists... We don't get along."


  • "Helicopters... also if you have an RPG"


  • "Water... The Colonel is weak against water."
  • "The Colonel... He has problems with bright mushrooms..."
  • "April...30th..."
  • "We'll tell them everything... together."
  • "Today... is the day I met you."
  • "No, never heard that name before."


  • And then... when I was 17... ...35...26...34... ...Up up down down left right left right... I don't remember the rest... Instant noodles...


Soldier responses

  • "I'm not talkin'..."
  • "I... Don't Know Anything..."
  • "I... Don't have anything..."
  • "You... Stinking American!"
  • " imperialist pig...!"
  • "You lousy... !"
  • "Bastard!"
  • "Just try and kill me"
  • "I'll Never conform... to the west"
  • "You... do have freedom?"
  • "The freedom of the west... Is it really all that good?"

Scientist responses

  • "<Whimper>"
  • "They... They are forcing me to work here..."
  • "Even in our country... We can research as we please"

Play tips

  • "During Polygon Demos... Zoom with the action button"
  • "On the radio screen... Hold down the action button to..."
  • "When "R1" is displayed in the polygon demo, press the first person view button to..."
  • "The Machine Gun... with the action button..."
  • "If you stay low... you're hard to spot"
  • "By Stalking... You can find trap indicators"


  • "In this area... There's a weapon"
  • "In the armory... There's an SVD"
  • "Grenades... Lying down will..."
  • "When throwing a grenade... If shot..."
  • "Guns can be fired... Even in water"


  • "In the water, water camouflage is most effective"


  • "Pass wire traps... by crawling"
  • "Shooting drums will..."
  • "If you shoot the barbed wire fence power source..."

Ac!d Passwords

Very Easy/Easy

  • "ACID Password: V-I-P-E-R"


  • "ACID Password: J-E-H-U-T-Y"


  • "ACID Password: X-M-E-I-G-H-T"

Extreme/European Extreme

  • "ACID Password: M-I-K-A"

List of interrogation responses in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Government official

  • "The warheads were brought to the silo located east of the ravine!"
  • "The guest house? It's across the rail bridge, near the sea."
  • ""A man with a revolver?" Yeah, he did talk to me. He mentioned a friend at the airport..."
  • "Who do you think you are!? Let me go!" (first time)
  • "Check the lockers at the security base... There's a radio frequency written there." (second)

Soviet officer

  • "They... They took some guy named Snake over to the guest house!"
  • "That reminds me. I saw a man twirling a revolver around in the urban zone..."

FOX soldier

  • "141.23..."

Soviet soldier

  • There aren't any drugs like that here. I swear! (this is during the first visit to the hospital.)
  • "The frequency... is 145.61!"
  • "14002..."
  • "14678..."


  • "H-help meee!"
  • "Please don't kill me..."
  • "Kill me..."

List of interrogation responses in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus


  • "There is faster way to drag soldiers"

List of interrogation responses in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Vladimir Zadornov

  • "The butt... is another weak point.

Kazuhira Miller

EXTRA OPS [068] Date with Kaz

  • I hide...
  • "No my...closet."
  • "OK, OK…there's one thing…I never told you…"
  • "You were always…my…"

List of interrogation responses in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Main game

  • There are guys posted at these positions...
    • I told you all I know. Lemme go!
  • Those XOF guys... always hang around the admin building.
    • That was everything I know. What are you waiting for?!
  • You won't get past... these surveillance cameras...
  • You'll find some ammo here.
    • I don't know any more. Please, don't kill me!

Eliminate the Renegade Threats


  • Are you... a phantom too...?


  • A phantom comes...


Intel Operative Rescue

Classified Intel Acquisition

Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements

Déjà Vu

  • You'll find a... cassette tape here.
  • You looking for the marking I saw here...?
  • The admin building's lights are controlled by the power system located here...
  • I'll tell you where the armored vehicles are...
  • I'll tell you where the prisoners are.
  • The surveillance camera is... in front of the admin gate.
  • You need a handgun, try here.
  • There's a submachine gun here.
  • They brought in some new weaponry. This is where it is.
  • They took a prisoner to the basement of the admin building. The boiler room.
  • There's a... non-lethal weapon here.
  • There are some... directional mines here.

Jamais Vu

List of interrogation responses in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Mission 3 - A Hero's Way

  • Spetsnaz commander: "We burned a bunch of villages... but I swear we didn't kill the villagers". "Da Smasei Laman...? I had nothing to do with it!". "This area is controlled by... an unknown group...". "There's something hidden...".

Mission 7 - Red Brass

  • Commander's men: "Who are you...?"

Mission 9 - Backup Back Down

Mission 10 - Angel With Broken Wings

  • Prisoner escort 1: You here to rescue Malak...? He's in the... interrogation room.
  • Prisoner escort 2 Why an escort for just one prisoner? Who were we protecting him from? You...?
  • Interrogator: Bastard! Who are you with? What do you want with the prisoner? ...Y-You mean... ah!

Mission 13 - Pitch Dark

  • The man training the children: "I was just following orders! "Gunsmith" said to train the kids..."

Mission 14 - Ligua Franca

Mission 15 - Footprints of Phantoms

Mission 17 - Rescue the Intel Agents

  • CFA assassin 1: Your man just wouldn't talk. So, we...
  • CFA assassin 2: I ain't telling you... jack shit!

Mission 18 - Blood Runs Deep

Mission 19 - On the Trail

Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller:

Mission 20 - Voices

Mission 21 - The War Economy

  • Arms Dealer: "Don't kill me... please... I can tell you anything". "I don't run the company... I just collect my paycheck and do what I'm told". "I don't know any details! I can't contact the client myself..."
  • CFA Executive: "What the hell...?! Are you with those enemies of SANR...?" "I don't know anything... I don't shove my nose in a client's business". "So this is what I get for living off civil war...".

Mission 22 - Retake the Platform

  • Mosquito: "You're Big Boss...?" "So you know what Hell's like too". "Boss... you still don't recognize me?!"
  • Soldiers: "The boss... is here..."

Mission 26 - Hunting Down

  • CFA bodyguard: "If you're just gonna kill me... Why not hire me instead?"
  • CFA bodyguard: "Wait, don't kill me...! I'm a trained medic. You could use a guy like me!"

Mission 30 - Skull Face

Mission 32 - To Know Too Much

  • The man trying to kill the CIA agent: "I am... a soldier of the Soviet 40th Army".

Mission 35 - Cursed Legacy

  • Zero Risk Security Commander: "You're too late... The research materials have been moved away from the mansion...".

Mission 41 - Proxy War Without End

  • Armored column’s commander: "To get this close to me... the legends were true." "Kill me, Big Boss. I'm a mercenary too. Always ready to die." "You-you won't kill me? You want to hire me...? To serve under the legendary mercenary... it would be an honor." "We hid diamonds... here."
  • Soldiers at Nova Braga: "The commander is scheduled to be stationed at Nova Braga Airport for the time being..."
  • Soldiers at Nova Braga: "The man leading the armored column has been through it all... he's a superb soldier."

Side Op 1

  • Soviet Interpreter: Your English is pretty good... American? If you need help with Russian, I can help... I can translate for you. No need to kill me... Let me help you!

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