In 1984, a contact for Diamond Dogs was working for the KGB.

After the events of Skull Face's death during the Phantom Pain Incident, the Diamond Dogs' contact via the KGB proceeded to investigate the existence of the paranormals (specifically, the Third Child and the Man on Fire) on Ocelot's orders, largely to give some degree of closure to the Diamond Dogs members due to there still being some unanswered questions regarding Skull Face's plans with them. His investigation ultimately uncovered that they had been related to top-secret research conducted by the Kremlin, as well as several other details including why they were active and even how XOF found Big Boss. This action, however, ended up causing him to get the attention of KGB Directorate S, which ultimately resulted in his being silenced before he could make contact with the information he uncovered. Nonetheless, the contact, anticipating the possibility that he would be killed, had managed to hide what he had uncovered in a film canister and placed it in Spugmay Keep just before his death, and also sent a VI to Diamond Dogs of it's location. However, the transmission was cut off part-way through. Although Diamond Dogs was hard at work trying to fix up the VI, they nonetheless needed to find the film canister quickly due to their receiving word that the KGB sent a Spetsnaz squad to retrieve it.[1][2] Venom Snake was ultimately able to retrieve the canister before the KGB unit was able to find it, with Ocelot debriefing Snake about the Man on Fire and third child's origins and how they were responsible for XOF's attack on the hospital upon decoding the report.[3][4][5]

Behind the scenes

The contact is a character mentioned in Mission 38: Extraordinary in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Although he isn't actually seen due to his death prior to the mission, he is nonetheless an important character in the mission due to his being the reason the mission needed to be conducted.

Notes and references

  1. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015)
    Extraordinary briefing tape
    Revolver "Shalashaska" Ocelot: Boss, we need you to get back a film canister one of our informants hid in the field. He was working under my orders to investigate the "extraordinaries" that showed up in Cyprus. The Man on Fire and the floating boy that keep showing up where they're not welcome. Apparently they were the subjects of some top-secret research conducted by the Kremlin. Unfortunately, that meant our informant drew the attention of the KGB's Directorate S, and they took him out before we could make contact. The good news is he placed a report in a film canister and hid it somewhere in Spugmay Keep. Just before he died, he transmitted VI of the hiding place to us, but the data was cut off partway though. The image is far from clear, but it might provide the clue you need. We'll be analyzing the data further to try to clear it up. For now, get to Spugmay Keep. The KGB have already dispatched a Spetsnaz squad to retrieve that film canister and cover the whole thing up. Boss, there's no time to waste. Head to Spugmay Keep and use the VI as a clue and retrieve the target. Why was Sahelanthropus mobile...? How were the Man on Fire and that kid connected to Skull Face's plan...? If we can just get that report, we can blow it all wide open. Then we can shake off the last remnants of Skull Face, the phantoms he left behind.
  2. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015)
    Extraordinary Mission intel commentary 1:
    Revolver "Shalashaska" Ocelot: We're working on analyzing the data, but there is no time to wait. It is paramount you retrieve the target before the enemy does.
    Extraordinary Mission intel commentary 2:
    Revolver "Shalashaska" Ocelot: Look for terrain that matches the VI. The target has to be hidden there.
  3. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015)
    Cassette tapes > Info > Informants Report > Part 1
    Ocelot: We've finished decoding the informant's report. That floating kid we've run into a few times now... looks like he was a test subject in clinical experiments. The Soviets called him "the Third Boy". The Third Boy was brought to a lab on the outskirts of Moscow from Czechoslovakia, after which he was due to be sent to a research center in Leningrad, then Siberia, and finally an academic town in Novosibirsk. It doesn't appear that the researchers witnessed the "talents" we've seen from him, but nevertheless he was quite the popular subject. His "latent cognitive abilities" suddenly awoke en route to Moscow. According to the report, the Third Boy was easily influenced by other individuals' "bio fields". "Evil thoughts" in particular. They affected his mind like a virus. Extreme anger, or resentment... motives for revenge, in other words. During the transport flight to Moscow, the boy was exposed to a powerful mental energy field coming from a certain individual. Ever since, being conscious of his powers, he's become a sort of energy generator. What's unique about him is the way his acute telepathic abilities get taken over by another person's will. The boy began to physically parasitize individuals experiencing extreme anger and codify the host's desires. This includes amplifying the host's natural strengths... Or, in accordance with the host's desires, he can also implant program code in another individual - making them a puppet, essentially. Human neural synapses transmit weak electrical currents between neurons. These electrical currents, though at a level difficult to observe, warp the magnetic field outside the body. The Third Boy is able to "pick up" these weak fluctuations. Contrary to psychotronics, which involves controlling the human mind, his abilities as a receptor are too high. The emotions he picks up from another individual are amplified and unleashed into his body as they recur in his brain. They turn into microwaves, which then affect the physical world. Triggering paranormal phenomena like the spontaneous combustion of organic matter, or psychokinesis - moving an object without touching it. And one other thing. While he's parasitizing a host, the boy's ego gets shut away. Allowing the will of the host to take control of his powers. Like some annoying static drowning out your own voice. That means he isn't responsible for what's been happening. Somebody's extreme anger has manifested through the Third Boy's powers in ways none of us could have predicted...Which would mean this was going on somewhere around us.
  4. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015)
    Cassette tapes > Info > Informants Report > Part 2
    Ocelot: Looking back on it, a lot of things make sense now. The Man on Fire, Sahelanthropus...they both came to life thanks to the Third Boy's powers. Everything has been happening through him as a catalyst. We first saw him in the hospital on Cyprus. The boy, parasitizing the Man on Fire's desire for revenge, gave him his new abilities in return. He next appeared in the Hamid fighters' fort, where the Honey Bee was hidden. There, the boy parasitized Skull Face's vengeful mind. He controlled Sahelanthropus, making it do whatever Skull Face wanted. Same goes for when we extracted Emmerich onto the chopper. When he appeared at the Devil's House in Central Africa, Skull Face's will controlled the Man on Fire via the Third Boy's powers. Everything is clear up to this point. But even the informant couldn't pinpoint who the host was in the cave within Serak Power Plant. Sahelanthropus suddenly became active, then crushed not only the Man on Fire but Skull Face as well. Surely neither of them could have been the host. Who else was at that location and bore anger more exreme than either of them? Whose will was controlling Sahelanthropus? According to the report...Emotions transmitted in children's brains affect the surrounding magnetic field more strongly. Cerebral nerves are covered with insulation called myelin sheaths to increase impulse speed. The reason for this "linkage" has to do with the fact that children's myelin sheaths are still developing. So... how many children do you remember being there? Children with a burning desire for revenge, and bearing a grudge against you. I can think of only one. Eli. We don't know what kind of life he's had, but the resentment he's shown towards adults is nothing short of extraordinary. The Third Boy resonated with Eli's mind. And that means Eli bore the strongest animosity of all individuals within the boy's reception range - estimated to be a 3-mile radius - beating out even Volgin and Skull Face. The Third Boy has probably remained hooked on Eli's anger since. You remember the Devil's House? The Third boy showed an interest in Shabani. That must have been his ego making a rare appearance. He may possess abilities far beyond anyone else in the world, but he's still a kid. Maybe them both being kids was enough to bring them together. And if so, maybe with Eli he isn't feeding off him, but acting in symbiosis with him.
  5. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015)
    Cassette tapes > Info > Informants Report > Part 3
    Ocelot: So what kickstarted the Third Boy's powers? If we look at the location and time that his plane went down, we can make a pretty good guess. When the plane experienced the first anomaly, it gave an accurate report of its position to a control tower. Due north of the Black Sea, 125 miles east of Kiev. Dead south from the Black Sea is Cyprus's Green Line. So the plane's position was directly north of the hospital where you'd been asleep for nine years. And this anomaly was reported at exactly the same time as you woke up. The plane was enveloped in flame from the inside out. The fuselage burnt to ashes. There were no survivors. At least not publicly admitted. Your thoughts formed a synchronicity with the boy's psyche, and were amplified inside his brain. That would have been more than enough to trigger his abilities. Your rage was like a Big Bang in his head blowing the lid off his powers. The boy was then secretly moved to the lab outside of Moscow where Volgin was comatose. There, Volgin's thoughts resonated with the boy and he was awakened. Volgin became the Man on Fire, hellbent on getting revenge on you. His instincts led him straight to you. Skull Face knew Volgin from Operation Snake Eater, or perhaps from even before. Monitoring this pair of "extraordinaries", he discovered the hospital and sent his assassin and XOF. Skull Face was probably watching the situation from close by. Then, realizing how useful these two test subjects could be, he approached them. Reacting to Skull Face's thirst for revenge, this time the boy let Skull Face's will control Volgin. Volgin, at times driven by personal revenge, at times through Skull Face's will, kept on moving, though his body was little more than dead meat. Perhaps there were moments where even your thoughts affected hm as well. But without the boy's power, it was like the plug had been pulled from the socket. Everything was powered by anger, malice, revenge. This is how the end of the report sums things up. Both the Third Boy and the Man on Fire were originally test subjects of paranormal research for "military applications". Like telekinetically controlling the leader of an enemy nation and making him launch a nuke. Or stopping the heart of someone on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. Experimenting with latent human abilities. They were used as tools of the Cold War. The boy's only crime was being born with unique gifts, but he was sacrificed on the altar of war, his life reduced to slavery under other people's wills. Turned into a living weapon with no will of his own. Eventually the only emotion he could feel must have been the desire to get revenge for the hand he'd been dealt. Boss, it's you that awakened the boy's powers. But there's more to it than that. I guess the anger emanating from you was something he could truly relate to.

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