Kiziba Camp.

Kiziba Camp was a camp in the Angola-Zaire border region. It was guarded by the CFA. Kiziba Camp was located close to the area that was used by Cipher as the testing ground for vocal cord parasites.


After the Mfinda Oilfield was sabotaged by Venom Snake in 1984, CFA men at Kiziba Camp became paranoid about any signs of infection and were checking every vehicle that passed through the camp.[1] Local CFA soldiers were known to die for unknown reasons in the forest to the north of the camp at that time.[2]

Later, CFA soldiers at Kiziba took the Viscount and his comrades prisoner and interrogated them about the ownership of the Mfinda Oilfield.[3]

After the CFA men in Bwala ya Masa died due to infection caused by the leak from Mfinda Oilfield, Diamond Dogs' Intel Team members were captured and interrogated by Kiziba men because of Diamond Dogs' connection to the outbreak. Kiziba soldiers were certain that Diamond Dogs were the cause of the outbreak.[4]


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