Lamar Khaate Palace in 1984.

Lamar Khaate Palace (Pashto: لمر خټه د ماڼۍ, "Palace of Sunrise") was a palace built in Northern Kabul, Afghanistan.


The palace was originally built by progressive royals as an additional palace away from the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. Its design was modeled after Western architecture, in order for the rulers to declare a new dawn for the country.[1]

By the time of the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s, it lay in ruins,[1] and was used as a base by the occupying Soviet forces.

During this time, Diamond Dogs received a contract to extract a Mujahideen prisoner by the name of Malak who was being held at the palace. Upon Venom Snake's arrival on the scene, he witnessed Soviet soldiers loading Malak on to the back of a four-wheel drive in order to transfer him to Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost.

Sometime after Quiet disappeared from Mother Base, Diamond Dogs also received intel that she had been taken prisoner by Soviet soldiers and eventually transferred to the palace. After Snake's search for Quiet led him to Lamar Khaate Palace, the two teamed up once again to face a Soviet armored vehicle unit.

Periodically during his operations, Snake found various other prisoners of war being held in the palace which he rescued and subsequently recruited to Diamond Dogs.


The palace was immense, and was at least two stories in height. However, because of it not standing the test of time, it also had a lot of rubble throughout the area.

To the north of the palace itself, two purpose-built living quarters were erected by the Soviets accompanied by two holding cells for any prisoners they took. Also littered around the compound were sandbags and gazebos for use by the Soviets.

Behind the scenes

Lamar Khaate Palace is a location that appears in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It first appeared in the E3 2015 gameplay demo, as the location of the Side Op "Extract Interpreter (Russian)," which was moved to a different location in the final game.

Lamar Khaate Palace is the location of Episode 10 "Angel with Broken Wings" and Episode 45 "A Quiet Exit." If one plays Episode 45, then Episode 10, the damage sustained in the former episode may still be present.

The design and history of the palace seem to be inspired by Afghanistan's Darul Aman Palace.


Notes and references

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