In 1984, Venom Snake encountered the legendary brown bear, which was a Himalayan brown bear (Ursus arctos isabellinus), in Afghanistan.

Behind the scenes

The legendary brown bear was referenced by gaming journalists and preview testers as being a particularly difficult animal to take down. Due to the decline in its numbers in the wild, it was known as the "Legendary Bear." This bear was deemed a priority target subject to capture by Diamond Dogs through an NGO dedicated to animal conservation. When fultoned, he can be transferred into the Animal Conservation Platform and will share his cage alongside an average brown bear.


As opposed to most brown bears which are Eurasian brown bears (specifically Asiatic brown bears), this particular bear is a Himalayan brown bear. He is distinguishable from the others by his fur, which is colored in a white-ish color as opposed to the rest being dark brown. When facing this individual, the bear is more difficult to take down. Most brown bears can be knocked out with a single hit from a Grade 1 Wu Silent Pistol if shot in the head while the bear is not alert and if alert then it doesn't take long to wait for the tranquilizer to take effect.



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