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Snake putting a Gurlukovich soldier inside a locker.

A locker is a small compartment with a door attached that has a variety of uses, the most common of which is the storage of items.


Operation Snake EaterEdit

See also: Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater

In 1964, Naked Snake, after knocking out Major Raikov and stealing his uniform, placed him inside of a locker to hide him from the enemy as he uses his uniform to infiltrate the Groznyj Grad weapons lab's west wing to rescue Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov. After returning to this locker, he also retrieved the black Sneaking Suit prototype. He also procured a maintenance crew disguise in another locker within the same room.

San Hieronymo TakeoverEdit

Main article: San Hieronymo Takeover

In 1970, Elisa advised Naked Snake to hide in a locker in the preparation chamber of San Hieronymo Peninsula's research laboratory during the San Hieronymo Takeover, when various soldiers were sweeping the area after it became apparent that an intruder was in the area.

Zanzibar Land DisturbanceEdit

Main article: Zanzibar Land Disturbance

In 1999, Gustava Heffner placed a tape of Zanzibar Land's national anthem inside a locker prior to her death. Solid Snake then accessed it and found it inside. Some of the children in Zanzibar Land played inside other nearby lockers in a games of "hide and seek." Dr. Kio Marv, before his death, placed a Konami MSX cartridge, which actually housed a microfilm containing the OILIX formula, inside a locker within his confinement facility, which Snake later located and retrieved.

Shadow Moses IncidentEdit

Main article: Shadow Moses Incident

When the Cyborg Ninja (Gray Fox) confronted a terrified Hal Emmerich, in his lab on Shadow Moses Island, the latter hid inside a locker. The Ninja commented that Emmerich could watch his and Snake's battle from inside. After Snake drove the Ninja away, he convinced Emmerich to leave his hiding place.

The Manhattan IncidentEdit

See also: Tanker Incident and the Big Shell Incident

In 2009, Emma Emmerich hid herself inside of a locker in order to hide from Raiden (of whom she believed to be a member of the Sons of Liberty).


  • Hiding - By pressing up against the back of the locker, Snake/Raiden will close the door behind him and hide inside. This enters intrusion mode, which, by default disables the radar;
  • Distracting - Some lockers contain model posters on the inside of the doors. If the door is left open where a guard can see it, they will gaze at the poster and lose interest in Snake/Raiden;
  • Hiding bodies - If Snake/Raiden drags a dead or unconscious body into an open locker, he will stand them up and close the door on them. Any unconscious soldier hidden in the locker will never wake up.
  • Cover - A locker door can provide temporary protection from enemy fire.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lockers first appeared in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. They would appear again in Metal Gear Solid, though they serve no purpose whatsoever. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was the first game in the series that allowed the player to hide from enemies in lockers and put unconscious or dead enemy in there. Since then, lockers have appeared in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Metal Gear Solid was originally going to have the ability to hide enemies in lockers. However, due to the hardware limitations of the original PlayStation, this ability was not included in the game.

The player can hit open lockers by hitting them enough times. Doing this will often causes the door to fall towards them, knocking them down. There are some locked lockers that can only be opened by using this method. However, some doors will fall inwards, denying access to that locker.

In Metal Gear Solid 2, during the Plant chapter, the player will encounter two unconscious Gurlukovich soldiers. They'll normally wake up upon logging into the node for the first time, though it's possible to bypass this by stuffing their bodies in the lockers beforehand. Putting enemies in a locker in the HD version will unlock the achievement trophy "Hurt Locker", referring to the 2003 Iraq War film of the same name.

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