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Southern view of the mansion.

The forest

A forest in the Lufwa Valley.

Lufwa Valley ("The Valley of the Lost" in English) was a valley in the Angola-Zaire border region. The valley was used by Cipher as a site for development of the vocal cord parasites. The valley was always covered in a heavy mist. Deep inside the valley Code Talker was held in a mansion heavily guarded by Zero Risk Security soldiers. The mansion had been owned by a local warlord, although he ended up murdered by his own government, with the locals also having a legend claiming his ghost still roams the area seeking revenge. However, the Diamond Dogs XO, Kazuhira Miller, implied that this "legend" might have been a rumor started by XOF to ensure the local populace didn't stumble upon their vocal cord parasite-based research at the mansion.[1] Code Talker was developing vocal cord parasites and producing samples for use in The Devil's House. Because of its role in manufacturing the vocal cord parasites, it also was used as a test bed for infecting others without Code Talker's knowledge, resulting in a mass grave being constructed in close proximity to the mansion. For the same reason, it possessed a significantly high level of security, although despite this, the actual area leading up to it had fairly little actual manpower compared to what the high level of security would suggest due to the Skulls operating in the vicinity.[2]

Venom Snake infiltrated the valley in 1984 and encountered the Parasite Unit. Afterwards, Snake got inside the mansion and extracted Code Talker.

Later, Venom Snake came back to the valley to recover Code Talker's research material.



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  2. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015)
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