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This article is about a fictional representation of a real world subject.

Lyndon Baines Johnson (August 27, 1908 – January 22, 1973), often referred to as LBJ, was the 36th President of the United States (1963-1969), and the successor of John F. Kennedy, as the result of being the 37th Vice President (1961–1963).


Operation Snake Eater

See also: Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater

After the failure of the Virtuous Mission, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev telephoned President Johnson, blaming his country for the nuclear attack on Sokolov's research facility in Tselinoyarsk. Attempting to avert a potential nuclear war, Johnson assured Khrushchev that the affair was orchestrated by The Boss and GRU Colonel Volgin. Khrushchev demanded that America prove its innocence. Major Zero and Naked Snake were also threatened that if they didn't succeed the mission, they would both be executed.

With the United States' reputation on the line and the two nations on the verge of World War III, Naked Snake was sent back to the Soviet Union to help the FOX unit clear its name, by rescuing Sokolov once again, and taking out Volgin and his secret weapon, as well as The Boss and her Cobra Unit. After Operation Snake Eater, Johnson awarded Snake the title of "Big Boss." At first, Big Boss was reluctant to shake Johnson's hand but eventually relented. In addition, Johnson also entrusted the KGB to keep a lid on the events of the Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater from within the Soviet Union, a strategy that the KGB planned to use to blackmail the American government as a trump card in future negotiations.[1]

Unconfirmed history

The following information has been detailed in official Konami-licensed media, written by various external authors. Its status in the Metal Gear canon is unconfirmed.[?]

President Johnson was responsible for initiating the Les Enfants Terribles project in the late 1960s.[2] In addition, President Johnson's gaining the presidency due to JFK's untimely death was partially the reason why Naked Snake, a.k.a. Big Boss, was reluctant to shake his hand at the award ceremony, in addition to his knowledge about what actually happened at the mission.[3]

Behind the scenes

President Johnson was voiced by Richard McGonagle in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. His voice sounds distinctly different during his telephone conversation with Khrushchev, when compared to his small speech during Big Boss's award ceremony. Originally Johnson was not supposed to be the one who gave Naked Snake the title of Big Boss or the Distinguished Service Cross medal. Both were originally intended to be given by the CIA Director until the developers decided that Johnson should do it instead.[4] In the Japanese version, he was voiced by Shinji Nakae.

President Johnson died of a heart attack in 1973. He was also one of seventeen Presidents not to run for a second presidential term.



Notes & references

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