V vi m2a-304 mortar

The M2A-304 mortar was a mortar launcher that was in service since World War II. It saw use by both Eastern and Western forces during the late Cold War in the 1980s.

Background and features

Its construction was fairly simple, and required only two people to operate. However, it also had low accuracy.


The M2A-304 mortar had been the mainstay mortar system since World War II.

Phantom Pain Incident

See also: Hospital Escape and Phantom Pain Incident

Both the Soviet Red Army and various Western-aligned PFs in Afghanistan and the Angola-Zaire border region of Central Africa, respectively, utilized these mortar weapons systems. Venom Snake and the Diamond Dogs often stole these weapons during their operations in the region. In addition, both Diamond Dogs themselves and several rival outfits modeled after them had M276 Anti-Air G-Guns as well as their Western-based counterparts, the M276 Anti-Air G-Gun, dotting their Forward Operating Bases (and in the case of Diamond Dogs, their own primary base of operations).

Behind the scenes

The M2A-304 mortar first appeared in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. During the event FOB missions, and to some extent regular FOB missions, during an alert, the enemy force will use the M2A-304 mortar in an attempt to flush out the enemy. At night time, they also sometimes fire flares to ensure maximum visuals of the intruder. They were the only mounted weapons to be used by both the Soviets and the various African PFs (the other mounted weapons had two variations that were exclusively used by each respective party).

The M2A-304 mortar or at least a similar mortar weapon, was sighted among the development menu in the Tokyo Game Show 2016 demo for Metal Gear Survive.


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