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Machinegun Kid
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the United Kingdom British
Died 1995
Outer Heaven, South Africa
Physical description
Career and family information
Affiliation(s) SAS
Outer Heaven
Metal Gear information
Main appearance(s) Metal Gear
Created by Hideo Kojima

Machinegun Kid was a mercenary of Outer Heaven who specialized in fully automatic firearms.


Early careerEdit

Machinegun Kid was a former member of the SAS, the special forces unit of the British Army. While serving as an SAS commando, he trained to wield machineguns to the point of mastery, earning him his nickname. Eventually, he left to become a mercenary for hire and was later contracted by the private military company of Outer Heaven.

Outer Heaven UprisingEdit

Main article: Outer Heaven Uprising

During Operation Intrude N313, Machinegun Kid encountered Solid Snake in Outer Heaven, while guarding the corridors of Building 1, and was determined to not let Solid Snake pass through. Despite his impressive skills with his machine gun, Snake was able to use the rooms large walls and fixtures as cover from his fire, and ultimately killed him.

Behind the scenesEdit

Machine Gun Kid (MGS4DB)

Artwork of Machinegun Kid in the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database.

Machinegun Kid (マシンガン・キッド Mashingan Kiddo?) and Fire Trooper are the only two mercenary bosses whose names were not changed in the re-released versions of Metal Gear.

The boss fight between Solid Snake and Machinegun Kid was briefly shown during Liquid Ocelot's exposition of the war between Outer Heaven and the Patriots, in Act 5 of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, shortly before the final battle with Liquid.

In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the player can recruit soldiers into Big Boss's fledgling Outer Heaven, who are former SAS members similar to Machinegun Kid.


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