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Welcome to the Metal Gear Wiki
The Metal Gear Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the Metal Gear series. There are 2,114 articles and growing since this wiki was founded in August 2005. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the Metal Gear series.

Release dates
Upcoming release dates Recent releases
September 1, 2015 (worldwide)
September 2, 2015 (Japan)
October 6, 2015 (consoles)
January 19, 2016 (PC)
Helping out

There are many ways people can help out the Metal Gear Wiki, ranging from adding high-quality screenshots pertaining to the games to improving stub articles on the wiki.


For viewers who want to contribute, making an account is simple. Just go here and fill in the required spaces and there you go; you'll be an editor of the Metal Gear Wiki.

Adding content
If you are unsure of what to do or how to create a page, search for a few articles on the same topic and see what they look like. You can always view the source code of a wiki and learn from what others have done.
Latest news
The PC version of Metal Gear Online 3 officially launched on January 19, 2016.
Did You Know
  • ...that Hal Emmerich became a scientist in order to build anime-like robots, and because he was "no good with people"?
  • ...that when taking Diazepam prior to swimming with Emma Emmerich, her O2 gauge will deplete more slowly as she listens to Raiden's heartbeat which is being slowed down by the Diazepam?
  • ...that pressing the weapon button with a grenade equipped in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will allow Naked Snake to run silently?
  • ...that Major Zero and Sigint are members of the UMA Finders Club, an unofficial division of the CIA dedicated to cryptozoology?

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