Living Quarters

The Mess Hall Team was responsible for providing the food for the Militaires Sans Frontières Mother Base which affected morale. It was formed by Kazuhira Miller shortly after Big Boss encountered a LAV-typeG unit at Bananal Fruta de Oro as a precautionary means of provisions for the troops, indirectly referring to a problem the Imperial Japanese armed forces had during World War II.[1] Roster limit is 50. Members usually include cooks, nutritionists, supply soldiers, and food technicians. Big Boss made Paz Ortega Andrade a member at her request, as she cited she can make some Central American foods. Although technically not members of the Mess Hall Team, Cecile Cosima Caminandes and Amanda Valenciano Libre also worked with the Mess Hall Team at one point. They shared the Living Quarters with the Medical Team.

The Mess Hall Team was the only unit within MSF that was not retained when it was restructured into Diamond Dogs after the former was wiped out by XOF and its leader, Skull Face, although the Support Unit had a similar role of provisions with it's basement garden.

Mess Hall Team-related Skills

Home Cooking
(Paz only)
Effect on Mother Base
  • When part of the Mess Hall Team, increases morale of all MSF staff.
Three-Star Chef Effect on Mother Base
  • When part of the Mess Hall Team, Rank 3 Rations can be developed.
Four-Star Chef Effect on Mother Base
  • When part of the Mess Hall Team, Rank 4 Rations can be developed.
Five-Star Chef Effect on Mother Base
  • When part of the Mess Hall Team, Rank 5 Rations can be developed.

Notes and references

  1. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010)
    Kazuhira Miller: Listen, [Big] Boss, we both know you’re the reason MSF’s grown so much. But it’s time we started putting more thought into provisions. // Naked Snake (Big Boss): Good point. A place this big needs a good stockpile on hand. // Miller: The Japanese say, “You can’t fight on an empty stomach.” Something we learned in World War II. // Snake: Obviously. Maintaining a steady supply of provisions is one of the basic principles of logistics. // Miller: So I went ahead and set up a Mess Hall Team. The team members’ numbers and abilities will affect the amount of grub to go around. Without enough food, morale will drop. They get hungry enough, and we could start losing people. Anyway, I need you to assign guys to the Mess Hall Team. // Snake: Copy that.

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