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Metal Gear Konami Gamebook Series

The Metal Gear gamebook was published exclusively in Japan on March 31, 1988. It was the second gamebook published by Konami as part of their short-lived "Konami Gamebook Series" (コナミゲームブックシリーズ)[1] and was released as a paperback composed of 287 pages with a retail price of 420 yen (or $3.85 USD). Its 10-digit ISBN number is 4-87655-013-1.[2] The book was published as a tie-in to the Famicom version and serves as a continuation of the events in the game.

Plot summary

Two years after the events of Operation Intrude N313, FOXHOUND brought Solid Snake, by that point an unsuccessful illustration artist, out of retirement in order to investigate intel suggesting that a terrorist group had managed to gain the plans for Metal Gear and are planning to mass-produce the weapon.[2]


Notes and references

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    内容(「BOOK」データベースより) 謎のテロリスト組織より送られてきたフィルムの内容にソリッド・スネイクは戦慄した。彼が2年前に破壊したはずの二脚歩行戦車メタルギアの姿が映し出されているではないか!それも一台ではない。量産化され軍団となっているのだ。事態を重み見た秘密情報機関フォックス・ハウンドは、再びスネイクにメタルギア破壊を命じた。この『網鉄の悪魔』の復活にとどめをさすべく戦士は死地に赴く。迫力の本格バトルゲームの決定版、堂々登場!
    Translation: Summary (from the BOOK database)
    Solid Snake shuddered as he saw the contents of the film acquired from the mysterious terrorist organization. It was Metal Gear, the bipedal walking tank he supposedly destroyed two years ago! But it wasn't just one Metal Gear this time. It was a legion of mass-produced models. Having observed the situation with urgency, the secret intelligence agency FOX HOUND has given orders to Snake to destroy Metal Gear once again. The soldier rushes to the field of death to prevent the resurrection of the "steel devil". An authoritative take on the classic battle game makes its splendid debut!