Metal Gear / Solid Snake: Music Compilation of Hideo Kojima / Red Disc contains 20 tracks featuring music from Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake which were remixed and re-recorded for fans. The album was released on December 23, 1998 under the catalogue number KICA-7929. The tracks for the album were hand picked for re-release by Hideo Kojima himself, hence the Music Compilation of Hideo Kojima. Music was composed by Hikaru Nanase, Kanichiroo Kubo, Konami Kukeiha club, Motoaki Furukawa, and Yoshiyuki Itoo.

All tracks except "An Advance" (Track 10), "Advance Immediately" (Track 11), and "Farewell" (Track 16) were newly recorded for this album. A similar re-release compilation album was released for Kojima's other work, Policenauts and Snatcher titled Snatcher>>Policenauts: Music Compilation of Hideo Kojima, which featured many of the same composers from this album.

Track list

# Track Name Length
1. "Theme of Solid Snake" 3:02
2. "Theme of Tara" 5:28
3. "The Front Line" 2:32
4. "Frequency 140.85" 3:20
5. "Sneaking Mission" 5:32
6. "Level 3 Warning" 3:13
7. "Return to Dust" 3:27
8. "Chasing the Green Beret" 3:17
9. "Imminent" 3:01
10. "An Advance" 1:43
11. "Advance Immediately" 2:10
12. "Night Fall" 3:18
13. "Level 1 Warning" 2:53
14. "-!- Red Alert" 5:13
15. "Infiltration" 3:24
16. "Farewell" 1:53
17. "Return of Fox Hounder" 5:19
18. "Red Sun" 3:19
19. "Exit" 5:07
20. "Heavy Metal Gear" 5:06

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