Metal Gear Acid contains a variety of enemies that get tougher as the game progress. Soldiers usually start off with a weak and inferior AKS74u with suppressor, Body Armor as equipment and Cyborg Ninja for attacking from afar, but their decks depend on what weapon they're holding or how they behave. Machines have special decks however.

Leone Unit

Standard - These troops are found in standard soldier uniform but with a balaclava, headphones and a beanie. These soldiers are weak and can be killed by superior weapons. The average wield a weak AKS47u which deals 5 HP which increases to 15 before ACUA troops appear, They also wield grenades when attacking. AI usually consists of boldly moving into them. Sometimes being caught out by AOE weapons (P90, SPAS-12 etc.)

Flying - Leone soldiers also operate flying platforms, wielding a machine gun, and can traverse over obstacles. Also weak and suspectible to sniper rifles. They may also have a higher sight vantage. Flying soldiers, like machines wield special decks.

Guard Bot

These devices are controllied by Leone and his minions. Carrying a short burst automatic and strong armor. Bullets are less recommended. They also have a large sight and can set of alarms like cameras. They have special decks. They are white with the autocannon on the left and a small sensor like head on the right. They also have a caterpillar like chassis. They are affected by Chaff Grenades, Octagon affected weaponry and of course rocket launchers, particularly the Stinger. They cannot hear though.

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