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Metal Gear Arcade is a game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami. The game was announced at Konami's E3 2009 conference, where it was revealed that the game would be a reworked, networked, coin-op iteration of Metal Gear Online.[1] It has a special interface and will utilize 3D goggles and utilized tickets to unlock jewelry and other weapons.[2] It was released in Japan on December 20, 2010. It was removed from many arcades due to a lack of popularity,[3] though it is still active. Service will end December 1, 2016.


Konami had released a list of titles that it would be showing at the 2010 AOU arcade game expo, though Metal Gear Arcade was not included on the list. Kojima Productions declined to comment to Kotaku on the status of the game.[4] The game was added to the list in mid February 2010 and the game's official website was also updated. The game was playable at AOU 2010 and featured 5.1 sound, a gun controller, and 3D head tracking goggles.

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