Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh

Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh.

This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh was a Metal Gear developed by SaintLogic.


The name Chaioth Ha Qadesh is derived from the Keter, a high level in the Kabbalah, a mystical system associated with medieval Judaism. The name refers to a group of angels, called The Holy Living Creatures (Chayot Ha Qadesh - "חיות הקדש" in Hebrew).

Originally designed as a way to control Model 3 test subjects, Chaioth Ha Qadesh utilized the Enhanced Governing Organization system to control various modified soldiers and guard robots. SaintLogic developed the Metal Gear for that purpose, but Dr. Thomas Koppelthorn stole Chaioth Ha Qadesh as a means to get revenge for his wife Lucinda and kill all involved in the Praulia Massacre.

Like other Metal Gears, Chaioth Ha Qadesh could fire a nuclear missile from any area of the world to its target. However, one difference is that it mainly used neutron bombs as its main weapon, and also contained the data on all test subjects in the SaintLogic institute. It had a missile launcher on its back, and could fire bullets from the Vulcan cannons on each of its arms. It also had a slot on the top for launching energy. Chaioth Ha Qadesh utilized these weapons via nano chip expansions.

The cockpit, located in the upper zone of Metal Gear's head, could be ejected, which Lucy used to kill Koppelthorn by launching him out of Chaioth Ha Qadesh, and then destroying the cockpit (and what was inside it) with a missile. However, Koppelthorn had also designed the hangar to self-destruct the very minute Chaioth Ha Qadesh was destroyed. At the end of his mission, Snake emptied its equipped nuclear warhead, hid inside the casing, and launched himself into the ocean to escape US soldiers. The US soldiers also noticed Chaioth Ha Qadesh and had their tanks fire upon it to destroy it for good, although not before it managed to fire the (now-harmless) nuclear missile containing Snake.

Behind the scenes

Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh, sometimes referred to as Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Kodosh in the game itself, uses nano chip expansions so the player can see what cards it has and will use. The energy launcher can cause any of the player's equipped cards to be destroyed.



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