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    MASTIFF ROOM - located right before you enter the cutscene involving the room full of brains, this part is quite easy to stealth, it requires simple timing, just make sure you have the RP grenade from the box before you enter. one mastiff will walk up the stairs, hide using a box in the corner where you enter, he will pass you, assassinate him. throw the red phosphorous grenade down into the center of the room and just before it explodes, time your jump assassination on the closest. make sure the other mastiff is facing you when you approach (obviously not too close of you will be detected.), he will turn around flustered and cautious in 90 degree turns, so when he does, get rid of him, this saves you from a very difficult fight.

    BOSS BATTLE - simply put, not difficult at all. the trick to the mech battle is the fact that there are now 2 mechs to fight, but only one is considered the "boss" of the level, luckily that one is the easy one to fight. so you should really focus your attention towards the one that wont show damage on the boss battle health bar.

    Dodge and wait until one of them gets into a prone/crouched position to fire at you, once it is in this position, maneuver into a position next to it where the other mech is directly on the other side so that you are out of firing vision, proceed to do heavy combination attacks but be ready to cancel at any time that it gets up. rinse and repeat, saving the boss for last in this fight is preferable, as it takes a lot longer to kill and has less lethal attack combinations, if you find yourself stuck being stunned by the cannons 3 shot attacks, consider timing defensive attacks properly to avoid further shots following being hit by the first.

    There are 2 repair drops on the level, one on the close left corner of the room and one on the close right corner (on a shelf). if troubled by the amount of debris you are running into constantly, consider ninja running and slicing until they are all cleared, remember though, when the room is cleared of all tankers, the mechs become much more mobile.

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