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After defeating Sundowner and escaping from Denver, a cutscene will trigger, showing Sam with Bladewolf in the middle of the Badlands. Raiden is intent on defeating Sam, and the player will be pitted against Jetstream Sam in R-06: Badlands Showdown. The level consists only of a boss battle against Sam.

Boss Battle: Jetstream Sam

This guide is currently based on the Normal difficulty setting.

The boss battle takes place in the Badlands, a wide, open area with no other opponents. As a codec call to Wolf reveals, Repair Nanopaste can be found by slicing supply crates littered around the battlefield. Sam has access to many attacks which are quick and damaging. Parrying is vital to avoid being killed. Most of his moves can be parried.

  • 4-hit combo: Sam attacks Raiden 4 times. His 4-hit combos can have different timings.
  • Upward Slash: Sam Slices upward, launching Raiden into the air if it connects.
  • Dash: Usually from mid to long range, Sam dashes towards Raiden with his blade.
  • Jump Attack: Usually from mid to long range, Sam jumps in the air and homes into Raiden.
  • Aura Attack: Sam sheathes his sword and unleashes a barrage of rapid slashes in a small bubble around him.
  • Counter: Sam holds his sword in front of him in a blocking stance, and his blade will glow. Hitting Sam in this state will trigger a counter, inflicting heavy damage to Raiden.

When Sam is at approximately 65% health, the player is prompted to enter Blade Mode and to cut at Sam's wrist, disarming him. He continues the battle unarmed and with a different moveset. All of his attacks can be executed to allow him to shoot across the battlefield and to reach Raiden even from a distance.

  • Punch: A basic punch.
  • Side Kick: A basic kick.
  • Grab: Sam grabs Raiden and throws him to the ground.
  • Counters: If Raiden performs a Sliding Tackle or Falling Lightning on Sam, he will grab Raiden and counter-throw him.

When Sam reaches approximately 45% health, he will retrieve his blade. He starts to use some new techniques, in addition to his existing sword attacks:

  • Jump Slash: Sam jumps high into the air and slams his blade down. This move can be done at close or long range.
  • Rapid Slashes: From a long range, Sam sheathes his sword and charges at Raiden, slashing at him when he closes in. This can be repeatedly done a few times.
  • Rock Throw: Sam throws rocks at Raiden. They can be sliced in Blade Mode.

At critical health, parrying an attack will trigger a Blade Mode prompt. Striking the marked position will end the fight and trigger a cutscene.


The mission yields 8000 BP.

Bonus BP is earned for:

  • Time: +2000BP for completing the battle in under 3:00, with diminishing gains for longer times.
  • Longest Combo: +2000BP for a maximum combo of at least 50, with diminishing gains for shorter combos.
  • Kills: +4000 BP for performing at least 1 kill.

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