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Final Boss Fight------   Fight with Senator Armstrong

If you have no healing pack the boss would be difficult to defeat.

If you have at least 10000 BP then pause the fight when it starts and then buy the medical body armor.

It has 10 healing packs.

Make sure to have it selected in the menu . if in case your health reaches 0% so that it can automatically fill your heath to 100%.

Counter his melee moves and hit him with your sword whenever you have a chance.

Run away from various fire moves (they can't be countered).

If his body glows yellow ninja run far from him.

At around 160% of health he will jump to higher debris ground and throw a huge iron piece towards you.

Open blade mode at timed precision and you can destroy the iron otherwise it takes about 100% of your healing.

He will come down then quickly flurry some hits upon him.

He will again jump to higher ground and do the same  (just follow the above steps).

At some time in the fight he will glow green charging his health.

Don't fight with him as if you do he will parry all your moves and recharge his health to 200%.

So leave him charging .. without a fight he would not charge himself full but stand behind him.

As he done charging unleash a flurry of attacks as he won't attack you.

Armstrong will charge himself for 2 or 3 times in fight so be cool and hit him furiously after he has done charging.

Rest moves are the same.

At below 20% health  he would do a grab move which you can't escape so let him do it.

He would hang you from neck after prompt kick him and drop down to ground.

He would then do a punch move with right hand with timed precision of blade mode you can strike his fist down.

The same thing he would do from his left hand so counter it the same way.

He then furiously attacks you (press the action button) prompted and you would insert sword in his belly.

He then applies force with his hand and you can counter it by mashing the prompted button.

And you remove the sword

Now enter blade mode and hit his chest 5 to 6 times 

You will cut open the chest and grab his heart and after some dialogues you will crush his heart.

This will be the end of fight.

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