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The Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Official Soundtrack is the official release of the score for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. It was released on April 14, 2010 under the catalogue number GFCA-215.

There are 2 different versions of this album. The original Japanese, and a European version with a different cover art. The European version was released under the catalogue number KDE-CDS-MGSPW.

Track list

# Track name Artist Length
1 "Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Main Theme" Akihiro Honda 2:56
2 "Heavens Divide" Akihiro Honda
Vocals by Donna Burke
3 "Rain of Bane" Nobuko Toda 1:25
4 "Marshland" Akihiro Honda 1:41
5 "Clients" Kazuma Jinnouchi 2:11
6 "Heavy Arms" Kazuma Jinnouchi 2:03
7 "The Spear" Kazuma Jinnouchi 1:36
8 "Fearless" Kazuma Jinnouchi 1:14
9 "Tank Corps" Jeremy Soule 2:18
10 "Little Brother" Norihiko Hibino & Nobuko Toda 5:03
11 "Highland" Kazuma Jinnouchi 1:38
12 "Cold Principle" Kazuma Jinnouchi 3:23
13 "PUPA" Nobuko Toda 1:34
14 "Hide-out" Kazuma Jinnouchi 2:31
15 "Air Strike" Yoshitaka Suzuki 2:33
16 "Entry Gate" Nobuko Toda 2:26
17 "CHRYSALIS" Kazuma Jinnouchi 2:24
18 "COCOON" Kazuma Jinnouchi 2:12
19 "Mother Base" Nobuko Toda 1:39
20 "Dead Ahead" Kazuma Jinnouchi 2:09
21 "Facility" Kazuma Jinnouchi 0:47
22 "Take Down" Todd Haberman 1:54
23 "Boot Sequence" Takahiro Izutani 1:51
24 "Peace Walker" Todd Haberman 3:00
25 "Outer Heaven" Kazuma Jinnouchi & Nobuka Toda 4:59
26 "Uninterrupted Signal" Nobuko Toda 1:58
27 "Zero Allies!" Kazuma Jinnouchi 4:35
28 "Koi no Yokushiryoku" Akihiro Honda
Vocals by Nana Mizuki


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