Recruiting Allies

You can't complete this game without allies. But luckily it's pretty simple. Every mission contains enemy soldiers. To put it simply, you can't capture dead soldiers. Here is how to do it. First you must knock out the target you want to capture. Then drag him/her back to the truck (or nearest cardboard box later in the game) before he/she wakes up. After you complete or abort mission, he/she will appear in prison at Squad management- screen. When soldier is in prison, you can only look at their skills, remove their equipment, change their name and dispose them (if you're playing for the first time, don't get dispose them unless your absolutely sure). After few days he/she will join your unit, faster if you have Politician- career in your squad.

Special conditions

  • If you rescue captured soldier, he/she will join your unit immediately.
  • You can recruit Unique Characters but there are special conditions you have to fulfill

Following characters will join your unit immediately after you capture/rescue them (we don't tell how to rescue/capture them, figure it out for yourself):

  • Jonathan
  • Para-Medic
  • Python
  • Raikov
  • Sigint
  • Sokolov
  • Eva
  • Venus
  • Teliko
  • Gene (in EU version)
  • any soldier you rescue during mission
  • any soldier via AP Scan
  • any soldier via password (highly recommend not to use passwords to recruit soldiers except GAKO- soldier [since he is possible only via password] and Zero [if you don't own Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel]. Every other soldier is possible to get without password)
  • any soldier who joins you for their free will via Cyber-Survival (more info later in this page)


Every soldier have his/her own career.

Career Effect Best unit to put
Athlete Movement speed is faster Infiltration Unit
Quarterback Throwing distance is longer Infiltration Unit
Artist Magazine (book) has no effect Online Unit
Scout Stalking speed is faster Infiltration Unit
Rescuer Dragging movement speed is faster Infiltration Unit
Gambler Increases chance of hitting weak spot/getting hit in weak spot Cyber-Survival
Deliveryman Can send items back to Campbell's truck Infiltration Unit
Bait Makes strong enemies appear more often Infiltration Unit
Stuntman Quick recovery from knockouts Online Unit
Surveyor Increases detail in stage map Intelligence Unit

Decreases enemy life (by 10%)

Note! It will also decrease your recruits life, so use them with caution!

Intelligence Unit
Arms Dealer Increases chance of finding ammunation Intelligence Unit
Arms Specialist Increases amount of ammunition that can be carried Technical Unit
Elite engineer Very high technival development skills Technical Unit
Engineer High technical development skills Technical Unit
Chemist Works on medicine development Medical Unit
Doctor Increases life recovery speed for your squad Medical Unit
Nutrionist Increases stamina recovery speed for your squad

Medical Unit

Politician Prisoners become allies more easily ANY UNIT


After you gained allies in-game, you can use them in Cyber-Survival- mode. All you need is WLAN. Access to WLAN point, create account (takes about two minutes) and log in. There are different rules than in main game. Be sure to read them. After you read them, equip your unit with right equipments and send them online. Check your units condition after 12 hours. If you lose, save battle report and read it. You might be able to spot, what is wrong with your tactic and how to improve it. Sometimes you might win enemy soldier to your side. If you're lucky, some soldiers will join you on their free will and even give you a gift. But remember, if you lose, enemy might capture your soldier. So don't send your favourite soldiers in Cyber-Survival mode.

Effective recruiting strategy

There is few good strategy to recruit powerful allies.

  1. Using SVD: In-game SVD does 25 HP damage when bullet hits targets chest. So if you want soldiers with high health, this is the best way to see which characters have over 100 HP. Shoot four times and if soldier still lives, capture that soldier.
  2. Alert: Game has a bug in it. Go to Airport and trigger alert. Then use CQC throw and hold that soldier up. After you managed to hold up every soldier, put them to sleep and capture everyone except one FOX soldier who carry M1911. Then wake this soldier up and trigger another alert. Do this so many times you wanted to.
  3. Boss Rush: By playing Boss Rush again, you can recruit new soldiers. They have at least 2 S- skills with them, so that is easy way to find strong characters.

Sneaking Unit

Each sneaking unit can have up to four members in it. There are three main features to look out for when selecting members for your team, type, skills and sense (SNS).

Guards will ignore soldiers that are of the same type as themselves. Later stages of the game will have mixed types patrolling the area so you have to have suitable soldiers in your unit. If you do something stupid (running around with you gun in position, roll, sneak, hanging etc.) you lose your cover unless you stop doing that action.

Sense shows how far a soldier can detect the area around him. By pressing the start button a map of the area will be displayed. the circle around the soldier shows the area they can sense. Guards show up as red dots with a smaller dot inside to show what direction they are facing. Soldiers can detect even while within a box so it is helpful to hide your extra soldiers on patrol routes.




Pistol SMG Assault Rifle Shotgun Sniper Rifle Heavy Firearms Knife Throwing Weapons Traps Medical Technical
C Very high hand shake Very high hand shake Very high hand shake Very high hand shake Very high hand shake Very high hand shake Can't use CQC Very short throwing distance Very slow set up speed Very small medical level up Very small technical level up
B High hand shake High hand shake High hand shake High hand shake High hand shake High hand shake Can only grab enemies behind Short throwing distance Slow set up speed Small medical level up Small technical level up
A Low hand shake Low hand shake Low hand shake Low hand shake Low hand shake Low hand shake Can throw enemies to ground (CQC- throw Long throwing distance Fast set up speed High medical level up High technical level up
S No hand shake No hand shake No hand shake No hand shake No hand shake No hand shake Can use all CQC Very long throwing distance Very fast set up speed Very high medical level up Very high technical level up


In top right corner there is radar. Outer ring is noises you hear and inner ring is noises you made. If there is no other colours, that means there isn't enemy near by. If there is blue area, that means enemy is close. If there is red area, enemy is very close and he/she will hear your footsteps.

Following the walkthrough

In the top righthand corner of the screen is a radar that also functions as a compass. The center shows the direction you are facing and on the outer edge of the circle is a red "N" showing where North is. From this you can figure out where all the other direction of the compass are.

in the walkthroughs the first letter for each compass direction is used to show what direction you should go. If no changes are given it is assumed you continue the previous direction you were travelling. so if the instruction is "go N then W up ramp" you would continue North afterwards. Occasionally objects will have a direction is brackets after it e.g. "(W)" describes where it is in relation to you. This can help show what direction a guard may be patrolling from, care should then be taken to ensure you are not seen as you go past.

Portable Ops Plus

Portable Ops Plus is different from Portable Ops. Stages appears in random and you can't procure any items with you (except unique weapons such as Bowie Knife and Machete). So each mission is different from previous playthrough. However, you can effect stages items with Arms Dealers. More Arms Dealers you have, more likely there is weapon in stage.

Portable Ops Plus codename ranking

In Portable Ops Plus, you receive EXP after each mission and soldier who completes final mission will get Codename bonus. There are at least 12 different codenames

Codename Difficult Time Alert Kills Comrades Secured Comrades killed EX-Points
FOXHOUND Extreme ? 0 0 20 or more 0 30 000
FOX Hard ?


0 9 or more 0






0 9 or more 0







6 or more



Tsuchinoko ANY ? 0 0 less than 9 0 ?
Flying Squirrel

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This article is a stub. You can help the Metal Gear Wiki by expanding it.

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