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This article is a list of collectible dog tags in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. These are bonus items in the game, which can be obtained by holding up enemy soldiers, and pointing an equipped gun to their head or groin. On the higher difficulty levels, some soldiers will not give up their dog tags so easily; to obtain them, the player must discharge their weapon in order to "persuade" them.

In Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, the player has the option to choose between two sets of dog tags to collect, when starting a new game: one that includes the name, blood type, and date of birth information as featured in the original Sons of Liberty (2001), or one that includes different names and personal information (2002). Besides the change in listed information, the tags are otherwise identical in terms of gameplay.

Tanker (2001)Edit

Very Easy Edit

ID Name D.O.B Blood Location
000 Olga Gurlukovich 0923 A Navigational deck, wing
001 Ross E Bowman 0616 B Aft deck
002 Abraham Carrillo 0704 ?

Tanker Chapter (2002)Edit





Plant Chapter (2002)Edit

Very EasyEdit





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