Due to the nature of the game there are 2 separate walkthroughs for the game. These are the Tanker Chapter and the Plant Chapter.

Two years ago... According to highly confidential information, there's now a new type of 'Metal Gear'. As you know, the plans for Metal Gear were sold on the international black market following the 'Shadow Moses' incident. The aim of your mission is to assess whether US Marines are really using the tanker Discovery' to transport the new Metal Gear. Photographic evidence is vital if the global public is to be convinced that this super weapon exists. Remember that you're not a terrorist but a member of 'Philanthropy' - an organisation enjoying official UN recognition.

  • The other part is the Plant Chapter, in which the main character is Raiden. To go there now click here. You can also reach this walkthrough at the end of the Tanker Walkthrough.

29th of April... Two years ago, terrorists blew up the oil tanker 'Discovery'. The government swiftly erected a barrier to contain the spreading oil slick threatening the Manhattan coast. A vast cleaning plant was established in the centre of this barrier: 'Big Shell'. It did not take long for the Big Shell to become a symbol of the need for environmental protection. Around six hours ago, however, the plant was taken over by a terrorist group know as 'The Dead Cell'. During an inspection tour by the US President they seized the opportunity to take him hostage.

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