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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - The First Bite was only released in Japan by Konami on November 1, 2004 under the catalogue number KMJ 00036. The sole CD includes promotional materials such as six songs, a screensaver, and a Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater music video. The music is composed by Norihiko Hibino.

Pre-ordering the CD would also allow the person to get a Campaign First Bite Bonus Key disc, which could be used to obtain the Green face paint and the Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) camouflage fatigues in-game.

Track list

# Track Name Length
1. "Snake Eater (Abstracted Camouflage)" 6:35
2. "Infiltration into the Jungle" 4:13
3. "Escape" 2:00
4. "Chivalry" 3:20
5. "The Treading Behemoth" 2:07
6. "Snake Eater (Japanese version)" 5:00

Behind the scenes

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