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With the upcoming release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots right around the corner, here's a round up of all the content related to the game, including news, trailers and characters.


A walkthrough can be found for the game here.


Date News
June 12, 2008 Metal Gear Solid 4 is released!!! Everyone get off of the wiki and play the game!!
April 11, 2008 European MGO Beta Details announced. Downloadable from the PlayStation store on the 17th April. Anyone who wants to join can do so.
April 4, 2008 MGS4 Pre-Order DVD arrives at most game stores. The DVD includes 4 featurettes which chronicle the Metal Gear saga so far.
March 23, 2008 Details of the Limited Edition contents "revealed". Contains a Blu-ray containing 2 making of documentaries, and an interview with Kojima, 4 chapters of the graphic novel and Metal Gear Import Soundtrack CD. Found at Neogaf
March 19, 2008 MGS4 Japan Bundle details revealed in Famitsu. MGS4 will be bundled with a Steel-Coloured PS3.
March 16, 2008 Metal Gear Online beta rescheduled to April 14
February 26, 2008 New MGS4 PS3 bundle announced containing the game, an 80GB PS3 and a dualshock 3 controller
February 26, 2008 Release date Established - Simultaneous Worldwide June 12, 2008 release


In the year 2014, Snake is once again pulled out of retirement to stop Liquid Ocelot, controller of Outer Haven, who is capitalizing on War being the new major economic property for the 21st Century. Roy Campbell requests Snake for a hired hit on Ocelot. Snake is not the only one however, as Meryl's new FOXHOUND unit is also attempting to defeat Liquid, and Naomi, who has been kidnapped by Ocelot pleads for Snake to hurry and help her. Snake and Otacon vow to defeat Liquid before he can make Big Boss' dream of endless worldwide conflict a reality.


Solid Snake (GOTP) OtaconMGS4 RaidenMGS4 MerrylSilverburghMGS4 NaomiHunterMGS4 MGS4 - Campbell DrebinMGS4 SunnyMGS4
Solid Snake Otacon Raiden Meryl Silverburgh Naomi Hunter Roy Campbell Drebin Sunny Gurlukovich
LiquidOcelotMGS4 Raging Raven Laughing Octopus Crying Wolf Screaming Mantis VampMGS4 EvaMGS4 JohnnyMGS4
Liquid Ocelot Raging Raven Laughing Octopus Crying Wolf Screaming Mantis Vamp Eva Johnny Sasaki

Trailers and Demonstrations

Here are the trailers and demonstrations that have been shown over the various events of the past 3 years

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of Patriots -Trailer E3 '0504:51

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of Patriots -Trailer E3 '05

Metal Gear Solid 4 - 15 minutes trailer High Quality 16 914:52

Metal Gear Solid 4 - 15 minutes trailer High Quality 16 9

E3 2005 Trailer TGS 2005 Trailer E3 2006 Trailer
TGS 2006 Trailer GDC 2007 Trailer E3 2007 Trailer
Metal Gear Solid 4 - 2007 Leipzig Games Convention Trailer04:22

Metal Gear Solid 4 - 2007 Leipzig Games Convention Trailer

Leipzig 2007 Trailer TGS 2007 Trailer Metal Gear 20th Party Demonstration
CES 2008 Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS301:00

CES 2008 Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS3

CES 2008 Gameplay

Screens and Art

Metal Gear RAY (MGS4)

Metal Gear RAY with OUTER HAVEN Label


Meryl with the new FOXHOUND members

MGS4 - Raiden


Secrets and Unlockables

For all the camos and other things you can find in the game, see Metal Gear Solid 4 Secrets.

Known Facts

  • The game is set in 2014 – 5 years after The Big Shell Incident
  • The game is set on 4 continents
  • The game was launched simultaneously worldwide
  • A starter pack for Metal Gear Online is included with the game.
  • This will be the last canon game featuring Solid Snake as the main playable character.

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