The controls for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.


Basic controls

  • X - Change stance.  Press once to get in a crouched position
    • Hold X - Prone (while standing or crouched), Stand Up (whilst prone)
  • Triangle - Action (Climb, Pick Locks, etc.)
  • Circle - Reload Weapon/Carry
  • Square - Quick Dive
  • Left Analogue Stick (L3) - Move Character
    • Hold L3 down to Sprint
  • Right Analogue Stick (R3) - Move Camera/Aim Weapon
  • D-Pad Up - Equip Primary Weapon
    • Hold to select and/or modify the weapon if possible
    • Quickly press twice to switch without navigating the menu (This goes for all D-Pad controls)
  • D-Pad Down - Equip Secondary Weapon
  • D-Pad Left - Equip Items
  • D-Pad Right - Equip Placeable/Throwable weapons
  • L1 - Radio
  • L2 (Hold) - Aim Weapon
    • While holding L2, press R3 to switch from left to right aiming sides
    • While holding L2, press R1 to zoom into First-Person View
  • R1 (Hold) - Binoculars
    • Press R3 to zoom
  • R2 - While holding L2, Fire/Throw weapon or item
  • Start Button - Open the iDroid
  • Select Button - Pause menu


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