Metal Gear Solid V is a series of unreleased tracks performed by composer Justin Burnett who worked on the soundtrack for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain but only a few of his work made it onto official soundtracks.

The unreleased tracks can be found on Burnett's official website under the video games category. They were uploaded on August 10, 2017. There is currently no plans to release these tracks on formats or download.

Track list

# Track name Length
1 "Stand-Off in the lobby" 2:25
2 "Helicopter Massacre" 1:51
3 "Its Raining Firetrucks" 2:56
4 "The Whale" 1:41
5 "Quiet Helicopter Battle" 3:38
6 "Huey's Trial" 4:01
7 "Liquid Escapes" 2:41
8 "Prisoner Quiet" 3:52
9 "Tank Battle Phase One" 2:25
10 "Tank Battle Phase Two" 3:33
11 "Sahelanthropus Revealed" 1:49
12 "Battle Sahelan Full Action" 3:15
13 "The Funeral" 4:18
14 "Sahelanthropus Attack" 9:32
15 "Sahalen Boss Battle Yell" 3:24

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