Mfinda Oilfield was an oilfield originally owned by SANR, supposedly taken over by UNITA and guarded by the CFA soldiers in the Angola-Zaire border region. It was located near the Munene River.[1]

The supposed takeover by UNITA was a cover story created by SANR in order to continue operating the oilfield while being free of any responsibility in a case of an oil leak.[2] SANR itself was just a shell corporation[3] and Mfinda Oilfield was actually used by Cipher to cover up the spread of infection in the surrounding region. With SANR as proxy, Cipher polluted the water with oil, thus preventing people in villages downstream from drinking it and therefore halting the spread of infection though water. However, when the Oilfield was sabotaged by Venom Snake in 1984, oil was no longer in the water and the villages downstream did get infected.[4]

Behind the scenes

In Pitch Dark, prior to arriving at Mfinda Oilfield proper, the player can find a burned down village and the charred remains of the villagers. There was originally going to be a radio call from Ocelot where he explained that the village had been the victim of an oil leak, and it somehow ignited, and that the fire teams took its time and were not called in (implying that SANR/XOF deliberately avoided calling the fire teams and possibly leaked crude to the village to cover up the fact that they were infected by the vocal cord parasites). However, it ended up cut from the final version, although the call itself can be found in the code, and Ocelot still gives a call noting the village was burned down as well as the charred remains of the villagers in the game itself.

Mfinda Oilfield is coincidentally a very similar name to Mike Oldfield, the singer of Nuclear.


  1. ^ This is implied by a conversation between the Zero Risk Security truck driver for Traitor's Caravan and a Zero Risk Security soldier at Nova Braga Airport mentioning that the dropoff point was near the Munene River, and the final place they pass before going through the area was the Mfinda Oilfield.
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