In the beginning of Operation Snake Eater in August 1964, two MiG pilots, patrolling the skies for any intruders in Soviet airspace (having increased security due to the events of the Virtuous Mission's aftermath), encountered a D-21 drone containing FOX agent Naked Snake and attempted to intercept it. However, its entry speed exceeded that of the MiG aircraft, forcing them to let it enter Tselinoyarsk.

They were later ordered to bombard Rokovoj Bereg within ten minutes by The Boss, in order to ensure Snake fought her to the death. Shortly afterward, they intercepted the WiG that Snake and EVA were trying to escape on, and attempted to shoot it down, although they eventually let it escape after Nikita Khrushchev ordered them to let it escape and return to base. One of the pilots, Volk-19, hesitated when hearing the order.

Both pilots were born some time between 1924 and 1934.[1]

Notes and references

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