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Munoko Ya Nioka Station ("The Snake's Mouth" in English) was a checkpoint in the Angola-Zaire border region. Rogue Coyote soldiers were stationed there, located at a sunken road. Munoko Ya Nioka served as a checkpoint on the way to Ngumba Industrial Zone and as a temporary housing/prison for the scientists working in The Devil's House. Ocelot, when explaining to Venom Snake about the location, understood the intended meaning behind the name of the station.[1]

Behind the scenes

Processed Materials
Name Number
Biological Material 4
Fuel Resources 4
Common Metal 5
Minor Metal 2

Notes and references

  1. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015).
    Ocelot (radio): An outpost in a sunken road... Munoko Ya Nioka - "the Snake's Mouth." I get it. Look's like that's the only way to the objective area.

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