Naked Enthusiast is an insignia in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker awarded for bravely completing 200 missions naked. It is worth 500 heroism.

There's a controversy about what does count as a naked playthrough and what doesn't, with a lot of people playing through the whole game naked only to find they've got a measly number of naked playthroughs actually registered. The confirmed conditions so far are as follows:

  • You can use either Snake or any other MSF soldier, male or female
  • You can use any uniform with the "Naked" prefix, as well as swim trunks or bikini
  • You can use special items and battle cries
  • You can play either solo or co-op
  • You can play the same mission several times in a row
  • What actually counts is the mission type. In general, playing a type of mission that doesn't place your character in the way of actual harm or that ends when you're discovered (training, marskmanship, hold up, perfect stealth, etc) doesn't count, while missions that involve combat (elimination, retrieval, boss battles, etc) do count.

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