For the weapon in the Metal Gear Series, see Nikita.

Nikita Missile is a Weapon Card featured in Metal Gear Acid. It is obtainable in a Metal Gear Solid 1 Card Pack from the Store.

Card details

  • Name: Nikita Missile
  • Type: Weapon
  • Number: 022
  • Pack: MGS2
  • Cost: 8
  • Reality:
  • ATK: 100
  • FUNCTION After fired, your turn ends (no matter how many ACTIONS you have left) and you take control of the Missile. Each turn, it may move 5 Blocks.


The card, when played, has the player operate the Nikita. The missile performs almost identically, with remote control and steering. It can only go up via ramps and one block but never descends, only retaining its current height.

By the time the missile has moved 5 times, it is given 4 COST, much like the other characters.

The missile detonates when it comes into contact with a wall, enemy or shot down by gunfire. The Fuel Gauge also shows how many tiles, the missile may traverse before detonating. Like the other games, the Nikita, like the RC Missile, are used to reach control panels operating electric floors, some of which may only be accessible through air vents. Other than that, it makes a decent explosive weapon, with a chance of inflicting BURN to humans.


  • When idle, the missile hovers in mid-air. It is never explained on how a projectile can hover without any signs of thrusters.

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