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The Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST), formerly known as the Nuclear Emergency Search Team, is a team of scientists, technicians, and engineers operating under the United States Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration. Their task is to be "prepared to respond immediately to any type of radiological accident or incident anywhere in the world."

Nastasha Romanenko joined NEST around 1996 as a military and nuclear analyst. Bomb disposal expert Fatman was briefly a member of NEST, but his extreme behavior resulted in him losing his job at the organization.

Former members

Behind the scenes

NEST was formed after an incident in late 1974 where President Gerald Ford was warned that an extortionist contacted the FBI and demanded $200,000 as he placed a nuclear bomb in Boston. Some mishaps occurred, including the team of experts from the United States Atomic Energy Commission arrived with their radiation detection equipment arriving at a different airport, and federal agents renting a fleet of vans carrying the equipment but forgetting to install it. The event later turned out to be a hoax, but it dawned on the government that they needed to create a team to search out nuclear threats to the homeland.

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