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This article is about the weapon system. You may be looking for Nuke, the pet cat of the Militaires Sans Frontières.

Nuclear missile examples.

Nuclear missiles, sometimes referred to as nuclear warheads, nukes and spears,[1] are a variant of warhead missiles that are usually outfitted with a nuclear-based element such as plutonium or uranium. There are multiple types of nuclear missiles, which depend on their range. Nuclear missiles whose range exceeds 5500 km are Strategic Nuclear Weapons, which include ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles), SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile), and those launched by long-range bomber planes (such as the B2 and the B1-B); Nuclear missiles whose range is between 500 and 5500 km are Intermediate-range Nuclear Force (INF) warheads, also known as Theater Nuclear Weapons, with the long range variations (LINF) exceeding 1000 km, and the short range variations (SINF) being from 500 to 1000 km; Nuclear Warheads with a range less than 500 km are Short Range Nuclear Force, which are also known as Tactical Nuclear Weapons or battlefield nuclear weapons for their role. The use of nukes against a specific target is sometimes referred to as "nuking."[2] In large part because of the severe risks of launching a nuke as well as the large potency of loss of life as a result, the order to launch nuclear weapons is generally restricted to only those who are among high rank, and usually have access to a portable launch terminal in the event that they have to be confronted with the decision when far away from a nuclear command center.

Types of nuclear missilesEdit

Davy CrockettEdit

See Davy Crockett.


MIRVs are a type of warhead that holds multiple smaller warheads within. They were first deployed by America after receiving half of the Philosophers' Legacy. Russia eventually developed its own variant, as evidenced by the false data that was sent to NORAD as well as an earlier simulation conducted by Dr. Strangelove that Cécile Cosima Caminades accidentally recorded.

AGM-129 ACM Cruise MissileEdit

The AGM-129 ACM Cruise Missile is a low observable, air launched strategic missile with significant improvements over the ALCM B in range, accuracy, survivability.

It's range is 3,000 km or 1,864 miles. It was developed by the United States in 1983, and deployed in 1991. The contractor was Hughes Missile Systems.

They are 6.35 meters or 20.8 ft in length. The diameter in height is 64 cm or 2 ft., and the width is 70.4 cm or 2.3 ft. The wingspan is 3.1m or 10.1 ft. It's launch weight is 1.250 kg or 2.7 lbs. Usually armed with a W80 warhead, it is designed to evade air and ground based defenses in order to strike heavily hardened targets at any location within any potential enemy's territory. The ACM is designed for B52H external carriage. Enhancement models can be seen stored on Shadow Moses Island, armed with nuclear warheads ACMnu57 64, able to deliver severe devastation to a 20 mile radius. The warhead's payload is 200kt nuclear or HE. These missiles are launched from the railgun of Metal Gear REX.

The missiles located at Shadow Moses were rather weather beaten and at risk of plutonium leakage, the reason why Dr. Naomi Hunter made Solid Snake's nanomachine's ability to use enemy weapons inactive while in the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building. It was also for this reason that the warhead storage building relied on soman gas to deal with intruders, and thus why the guards wore gas masks. The warheads were later removed by 2014, thus allowing Snake to use his weapons without fear of causing a holocaust.

RDS-220 Hydrogen BombEdit

The RDS-220 Hydrogen Bomb, better known as the Tsar Bomba (Russian: Царь-бомба; "Tsar Bomb" or "Emperor Bomb") and also known as the AN602 Hydrogen Bomb, was the most powerful nuclear missile ever detonated. It had an estimated yield of 57 megatons, which was ten times all the explosives used during World War II. It was detonated during a test on October 30, 1961, located at the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, at Sukhoy Nos. When it was detonated, the bomb's resulting fireball was 2 miles in diameters, and was comparable to a miniature sun. In addition, it was seen as far away as in Finland, 600 miles away, with reports of windows shattering from the shockwave. The shockwave went around the earth three times before eventually dissipating.

Peace Walker's hydrogen bomb, intended for self-destruction purposes was claimed by Huey to have an explosive yield far greater than even the Tsar Bomba, the size of which was one of the reasons why Peace Walker was designed to be bipedal/quadrupedal.

Stealth NukesEdit

Stealth Nukes were AGM-129 ACM Cruise Missiles that were modified to not utilize propellant as well as utilize stealth technology and thus be invisible not only to radar, but also from exhaust propellant trails. These were developed in conjunction with Metal Gear REX at Shadow Moses Island when it was taken over by FOXHOUND and the Next-Generation Special Forces. They were to be launched via REX without fear of nuclear retaliation due to the fact that they were launched via Metal Gear REX's rail gun, and thus technically not warheads and inapplicable to the current ballistic treaties.

The manner in which they operate is that the launch is being propelled at ultra high velocities without the need of a rocket, and it also requires much less work to safely prepare it to launch and also very cheap to produce compared to standard ICBMs (which utilize a 2nd-stage or 3rd-stage solid fuel rocket), and their 50% zone is close to 50 meters.[3] After the Shadow Moses Incident, the stealth nuke specs were sold to various locations around the world by Revolver Ocelot alongside the Metal Gear REX test data, which also resulted in him gaining enough money for him to buy a decent-sized country. It is also suspected that he used the money to start a new project.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit


Nuclear weapons report for The Phantom Pain.

On July 18, 2014, the Guardian confirmed that the player will eventually be given the option of equipping a nuke to their Mother Base after it reaches a certain area of development, with the alternative being to have an increased frequency of attacks due to it being viewed as a threat. This was later corroborated when a leaked trophy/achievement list revealed that the player can get two different trophies/achievements relating to nuclear weapons development. The first "Deterrence" is for successfully arming Mother Base with nuclear weapons, and the second "Disarmament," is for successfully disposing of a nuke.

Notes and referencesEdit

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