This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Patrol Bot

Patrol Bot

A Patrol Bot was a robotic sentry developed by the Lobito Chemistry and Physics Lab. Armed with a machine gun, it stood about human-waist high on four wheeled legs, and possessed an angular chassis with a head-like camera mounted on its left. The Bot was also coated with a special type of armor, making armor-piercing weapons or chaff grenades the only effective means of attack against it.


When Lobito Island was taken over by the mercenary Leone Unit, they made use of the Patrol Bots for themselves in order to guard various locations. Solid Snake and Teliko Friedman encountered many of these weapons during their infiltration of the island. Patrol Bots were also deployed for defense within the control room of Metal Gear KODOQUE.

Two types of Patrol Bots, the Rikishi BR-2 and Sukiyaki-Box, were later used by Thomas Koppelthorn at SaintLogic's North American facility, after he took control of the organization's security. He had the Bots kill the scientists within the research block, and deployed them against SaintLogic's security forces. Several were encountered by the mercenary Snake (a soldier patterned after the original Solid Snake) during his mission to stop Koppelthorn. Several Bots (which were also malfunctioning due to Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh's destruction) later pursued Dr. Michiko Takiyama and Venus as they attempted to escape the facility by jeep, demonstrating considerable road speed.