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Peace Walker World Tour 2010 was an event that ran from April 29 to June 19, 2010, to promote the worldwide release of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Events included Hideo Kojima taking a Q&A from fans regarding the franchise. The countries involved included Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong/China, the USA, France, and the United Kingdom.[1]


On April 29, the first stop was at Japan, with the first location being the Labi Ikebukuro in Tokyo. Kojima gave a brief interview.[2] After that, the event went to Yodobashi Camera HQ at Yokohama, where they met with a group of fans in front of the building.[3] It was then back to Tokyo, this time to Games Ma-Ya, where Kojima gave a brief speech and also set up a table for autographs.[4][1]

On May 1, the event went to the Meitetsu department store in Nagoya, Japan, where Kojima gave a speech and did autographs.[1][5]

The next day, the event went to Labi Nanba at Osaka, the final stop in Japan, where Kojima gave a speech and autographs.[1][6]

On May 6, the event went to Yeongdeungpo Times Square in Seoul, South Korea, where he was interviewed.[1][7]

On May 7, the event went to Huashan 1914/Creative Park at Taipei, Taiwan, where they unveiled some t-shirts promoting the event. In addition, a Humvee was displayed that was colored yellow as part of the promotion.[1][8]

On May 9, the event went to Olympian City in Hong Kong, China, where they gave an interview and did autographs.[1][9]

On June 11, the event went to the Uniqlo Soho in New York City, USA, where they had a sale on UNIQLO shirts as well as an autographing session with Kojima, and later that same day and city at Best Buy Union Square, where they got free copies of Peace Walker and autographs.[1][10]

On June 13, the event went to a GameStop in Los Angeles, USA, where Kojima signed autographs.[1][11]

On June 17, the event went to Paris, France, with the first stop being the UNIQLO Paris Opera where Kojima gave autographs, and the second and last stop in France being the FNAC St. Lazare, where Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa, and Cécile Caminades (the then Communications Manager of Konami Paris and basis for the character Cécile Cosima Caminades) gave interviews and autographs.[1][12]

On June 18, the event went to the HMV Oxford Circus at London, UK, where Kojima and Shinkawa gave autographs.[1][13]

On June 19, the final day of the tour, the last stop was at the UNIQLO Flagship Store, also at London, where Kojima and Shinkawa did autographs.[1][13]


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