This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

A helicopter pilot assisted Lt. Solid Snake of FOXHOUND during Operation 747.

He first deployed Snake and his comrades Nick Myer and John Turner into their entry point in a jungle near the enemy base, knowing the route to get there. After the infiltration was completed, he called Snake supplying the outline of the mission before telling Snake to contact his comrades in the mission for more details. He eventually left Snake, being unable to directly aid him until around the time he boarded the tanker due to Snake entering enemy airspace. After Snake sank an enemy tanker containing mass-produced versions of Metal Gear 1, the helicopter pilot picked him up before Snake sank with the ship. The helicopter pilot informed him that there was a more powerful Metal Gear being developed in the area, and that Nick went missing in addition to John. After Snake defeated the leader of the enemy base, Big Boss, and learned about Metal Gear 2 being activated, the helicopter pilot opened fire on the reinforced door to the bunker containing the weapon, after Snake marked it with a smoke bomb.