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Nerve Gas in the Nuclear warhead storage building (Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes)

Nerve gas is released into the Shadow Moses nuclear warhead storage building.

Poison gas, in military use, is a weaponized chemical agent designed to injure or incapacitate an enemy force, or deny unhindered use of a particular area of terrain. It has often been used as a deterrent against intruders in high security facilities. Usage of poison gas against a group of people is sometimes referred to as "gassing." In addition to standard poison gas, high concentrations of anesthetic gases can also be used for the same effect.


Phantom Pain Incident

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Although poison gas wasn't used in warfare by the Diamond Dogs, their Mother Base had vats of chlorine disinfectant used to clean up the base that effectively served the same purpose. At some point, someone (implied to be Eli) discarded Shabani's necklace into one of these vats, with Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller and Ocelot attempting to prevent the surviving members of the Mbele Squad, and later, Venom Snake, from going near the vat due to the extremely hazardous material inside. Quiet selflessly went into the vat to retrieve it and came back up and retrieved it, albeit at the cost of having most of her skin burned off from the chlorine disinfectant.[1]

Outer Heaven Uprising

Main article: Outer Heaven Uprising

The fortress of Outer Heaven contained several gassed areas as a security measure against infiltrators, including Building 1's third floor, and Building 2's basement floor. In addition, several areas of Building 3's 100th floor basement were filled with poison gas to prevent any intruders from reaching TX-55 Metal Gear.

During Operation Intrude N313, FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake was forced to locate a gas mask in order to bypass the gassed areas within the fortress.

Zanzibar Land Disturbance

Main article: Zanzibar Land Disturbance

Like Outer Heaven before it, the fortress of Zanzibar Land also made use of poison gas, specifically nerve gas. The third floor of the Zanzibar Building was gassed in certain areas, where various types of research were being conducted there. In addition, the swamp armory and the biological research lab also released nerve gas if an alert was triggered by an intruder. Due to this, Zanzibar Land researchers and personnel would wear gas masks while operating in these areas.

Infiltrating the fortress in 1999, Solid Snake again procured a mask to protect himself in gassed areas, during Operation Intrude F014. After Snake reached the armory in the swamp, the mercenary Running Man released nerve gas throughout the building, hoping to evade Snake and force him to run out of air during their battle.

Shadow Moses Incident

Main article: Shadow Moses Incident

During the Shadow Moses Incident, FOXHOUND and the Next-Generation Special Forces, upon taking over control of Shadow Moses Island, released organophosphates (such as Soman) into the western labs in order to prevent Dr. Hal Emmerich from escaping. In addition, the supply tunnel leading north from the tank hangar was set up with self-sealing doors and infrared sensors, where gas would be released upon detection of an intruder. The control room in the underground maintenance base was also equipped with nerve gas release valves if the intruder was detected as having infiltrated by one of the cameras. These gas releases could also be activated remotely, as evidenced by their activation shortly after Liquid Snake revealed his ruse as Master Miller when Metal Gear REX was unwittingly activated by Solid Snake. The nuclear warhead storage buildings would also release gas when an intruder was detected, and it was for this reason why the NBC unit of the Next-Generation Special Forces often donned gas masks, as they can't risk using their heavy weapons in the area. Solid Snake managed to evade them by avoiding tripping the infrared sensors in the tank hangar as well as being spotted, and also donned a gas mask in the event that he did have to go through them. In addition, Otacon unlocked the door to release Snake after Liquid activated the gas, also resulting in the gas dissipating. Because of the Soman being naturally colorless in composition while in its pure form, the Sons of Big Boss had colored the gas yellow to make detecting a leak easier.

The Manhattan Incident

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The Big Shell itself never utilized poisonous gas. However, the Colonel claimed that, had dioxyens got into the fire caused by the destruction of the Big Shell igniting the crude oil, it would release toxic gas that would devastate the entire Hudson Bay ecosystem for centuries. Raiden, Snake, and Otacon later deduced that the theory didn't sound remotely close to being true, with the latter stating that it sounded too suspicious.

World Marshal Incidents

See also: Raid at World Marshal, Ambush in Africa, Abkhazian Coup, Investigation in Guadalajara, Raid in Denver, and Operation Tecumseh
Warning: The following information is from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

During the mission in Mexico, several kids were exposed to high doses of chloroform gas, with the chief scientist also forcing Raiden to not rescue them by holding George hostage. Ultimately, Raiden managed to save the kids, as well as George, after killing the scientist (and nearly George in the process, due to the scientist holding George as a human shield), with the effects having faded by the time Raiden arrived in Denver. Raiden, when inquiring the status of the kids he saved, also expressed some surprise that the lab used chloroform, since its status as an anesthetic was rendered obsolete in favor of servoflurane and isoflurane, although Doktor speculated that it may have been used as an organic solvent, the chemical synthesis for medication, or an ingredient for cryopreservers.

Non-"Metal Gear Saga" information ends here.

Unconfirmed usage

The following information has been detailed in official Konami-licensed media, written by various external authors. Its status in the Metal Gear canon is unconfirmed.[?]

An assassin managed to leak nerve gas into Master Miller's home in Alaska, which Miller attempted to escape from by donning gear in his ice cave. However, he succumbed to the gas before he could save himself. When first noticing the gas, Miller speculated it was servoflurane.

Behind the scenes

Poison gas is a recurring element in the Metal Gear series. In the original Metal Gear, gassed rooms were depicted as having puffs of smoke emerging from the ground. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake and Metal Gear Solid depicted the gas as having flashes of color (red and yellow, respectively), as well as a hissing sound.

In the timeline included in Metal Gear 2's user manual, it was stated that nerve gas and other chemical agents were banned worldwide by 1998. However, it was retconned slightly in Metal Gear Solid, where it was stated that, although there were indeed plans to get rid of chemical weapons worldwide by that year, the United States refused to do so and the talks fell apart, the reason being speculated to be related to America not wanting to give up its stance as the world's sole superpower.

Notes and references

  1. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015)
    (Venom Snake is returning via helicopter only to see a commotion between both Ocelot and a Diamond Dogs soldier and the Mbele squad.) // Ocelot: Stay back! (Ocelot moves one of the kids back.) It's too dangerous. // Some two other kids move forward // DD soldier: Hey! (Soldier moves them back. Hooded kid moves up only for the DD soldier to slightly shove him back.) Back up, kid! // (The kid Ocelot moved back earlier tries to go near the vat, only for Ocelot to grab him.) // Ocelot: I said, no! Backs up You have to stay back. (Child still walks up, resulting in Ocelot grabbing him and lifting him away before settling him down.) Some things can't be helped. (Gets up) Back to your quarters. // Venom Snake and Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller arrive // Venom Snake: What's going on? // Child soldier: Shabani... (points to the vat) Shabani's...necklace... // Snake: It's down there? (Snake walks toward the vat) // Ocelot: (stopping Snake) Hey! The tank at the bottom is filled with chlorine disinfectant. One whiff and you'll suffocate (pan down to the tank, showing noxious greenish yellow gasses at the bottom) // Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller: Don't even-- (Turns around to face the Mbele squad) How could you let it fall down there, anyway? // The afroed child soldier, upon being asked, simply looks towards a crane in the distance. On the crane, Eli is observing the commotion, and promptly disappears behind the crane without a word. Suddenly, Quiet looks down the vat behind Snake and prepares to jump. // Hat child soldier: No! // Snake then turns around just in time to see Quiet jump in, then rushes to the ledge and looks down before violently turning around as Ocelot attempts to restrain him // Snake: Hit the alarm! No! // Ocelot forces him back // Ocelot: You go down there and it is over. // As the alarms start blaring from Snake's earlier order, Snake fights off Ocelot and attempts to go to the vat, with Ocelot quickly grabbing him. // Miller: Boss! // Ocelot grabs Snake by the shoulders after forcing him away from the vat as Miller walks up // Ocelot: Hey! Listen to me! There is no way to recover the body! // Snake takes in the words and is resigned to her fate, Miller walks past them, and Snake turns away in grief // Miller: What kind of stunt was that. Trying to panic us... (Miller turns around) // Cut to the vat, where Quiet grabs up onto the railing. The children race up, with Snake quickly noticing what is going on and runs to the ledge. // Snake: Move! (moves the kids out of the way, and grabs Quiet) // Quiet, severely burned, is helped up, and is revealed to have the necklace in her hand. She then drops the necklace on the ground once she is sure that she is over the railing for it to land in the safe area. After giving a brief glance at the others, Snake then walks away with Quiet in his arms, alongside the other children and the DD soldier. Miller then stops a child soldier and uses his crutch to signify where the necklace is. Ocelot then grabs the necklace. // Ocelot: Look // Ocelot gets up and walks over to the child // Ocelot: Here. (gives the child Shabani's necklace) // Ocelot and the child soldier walk off to regroup with the others. Miller stays behind to process what he had just witnessed.

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