This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

The R4-series of assault rifles was an assault rifle developed by Lyttleton Engineering Works in 1980 for the South African forces. They came in three versions: The R4 itself, a lighter version with shorter barrel and overall length, the R5, and the most light version meant for tank crews, the R6.

During the Galuade Incident in 2002, the Gindra Liberation Front, via funding supplied via drug and rare metal trafficking, utilized their funds to supply themselves with various state-of-the-art weaponry, including the R5 assault rifle. Solid Snake later found and procured this weapon system.

Behind the scenes

Assault rifle.
B to fire. Hold for rapid fire.
―R5 description in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel

The R5 assault rifle, and by extension, the R4-series, appear in the non-canon Game Boy Color game Metal Gear: Ghost Babel.