In 1984 Venom Snake, commander of the PF Diamond Dogs, infiltrated Serak Power Plant in Afghanistan to assist in Huey Emmerich's defection from Cipher. However Huey Emmerich was moved to Afghanistan Central Base Camp soon after Venom Snake had passed through the power plant's security gate. Venom Snake later infiltrated the base camp and secured Huey Emmerich. Before exfiltrating by helicopter the Metal Gear Sahalanthropus was used in an attempt to kill Venom Snake but was rendered inoperable by him while escaping with Huey Emmerich in the helicopter. It was after this event that a radar specialist volunteered for Diamond Dogs and was given the code name Hungry Squirrel.

Behind the Scenes

In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Hungry Squirrel is the only member of the R&D Team that has the radar specialist skill.

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