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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

A doctor treated the injuries of the Maverick cyborg Raiden, and replaced his eye, following his fight with Desperado member Samuel Rodrigues in 2018. During this time, he also replaced some of Raiden's memory cores that had been damaged in the duel. He held some authority during the emergency treatment, giving orders to other doctors.

Behind the scenes

The doctor first appeared in the "Arm" trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Prior to its release, the doctor was first mentioned in a leaked casting call for at least four actors to portray characters for a then-upcoming live action trailer for Metal Gear Rising. The recommended traits for the live actor portraying the doctor were that he was Caucasian, within his 50s, possessed strong eyes, scars, and even wrinkles if necessary.[1]

Notes and references

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    So, A new trailer is in the works. A friend of mine, [Dragonblade-Dreams] sent me a text the other day, which held a photo for a casting call. In this casting call, It is looking for live actors for the trailer. The content I saw were as follow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RAIDEN: Male Caucasian, 23-25, Longish blond hair, athletic build. No scars, tattoos [cut off from image] Hand to Hand combat/swordplay experience a plus, if possible Greek or Italian slight accent. Jack: Caucasian, 8-12, blond, wavy hair, blue eyes, No scars on the arms, athletic , Dramatic acting, Possible slight Greek or Italian accent. Sam: 25-26.5, muscular, tan complexion (Italian, Sicilian, Greek) Dark Hear, Ponytail, facial stubble. Hand to Hand / sword experience a plus. Doctor: Caucasian, 50's. Strong eyes, scars, wrinkles OK. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That is all i received in the image. In any case, one can assume that 'Jack', here, is none other than young Raiden, and apparently the Latino Cyborg from the last trailer is the one they call "Sam" Thoughts, People?

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