"Red Sun" is the boss theme for Sundowner in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

The lyrics describe the technological and visual transformation of the environment suffered by the exploitation of natural resources and contamination by humans in order to obtain more and more. The term "Red Sun over paradise," in Japanese culture, references a bloodstained night after a war, but changing the bloody moon into a red sun.[source?] The "red sun" would mean a new dawn of drastic changes, humans contaminating the beautiful "paradise," or the world. In fact, before reaching Sundowner, Raiden had to go through a Japanese garden typical of samurai stories.

Red Sun is one of the few boss themes to not play throughout the duration of the battle. Instead, it only played during the first and second phases of the Sundowner battle, with an entirely different song playing for the Slider phase of the battle.

It should not be confused with the song that plays when Snake's chopper heads off into the sunset in the ending of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, which was also titled "Red Sun."


Red sun
Red sun over paradise
Red sun
Red sun over paradise

Golden rays of the glorious sunshine

Setting down, such a blood-red light
Now the animals slowly retreat
To the shadows – out of sight

Arid breeze blows across the mountains
Giving flight to the birds of prey
In the distance machines come
To transform Eden – day by day

Only love is with us now
Something warm and pure
Find the peace within ourselves
No need for a cure

When the wind is slow
And the fire’s hot
The vulture waits to see what rots

Oh how pretty
All the scenery

This is nature’s sacrifice

When the air blows through
With a brisk attack
The reptile tail ripped from its back

When the sun sets
We will not forget the
Red sun over paradise

Red sun

Official lyrics from Platinum Games

Credits and original composition

Written by: Logan Mader & Jamie Christopherson
Lyrics by: Logan Mader & Jamie Christopherson
Recorded by: Logan Mader
Produced by: Logan Mader & Jamie Christopherson
Mixed by: Logan Mader
Remixed by: Maniac Agenda
Vocals: Jason Miller
Guitars: Johnny Death, Bill Hudson, & Logan Mader
Drums: Damien Rainaud
Bass: Logan Mader